Monday, July 18, 2016

Economic News , Data & Views ..... June 18 , 2016..... Quick Hits - 1. Markets At A Glance - Oil Patch Items , Stocks Generally Shrug Off Failed Turkey Coup. 2. Turkey Post Failed Coup Items. 3.Odds & Ends.


The impact of lower prices in energy-rich countries: IMF says GDP to contract ≈10% in 2016

While US companies struggle to raise debt, equity raising continues strong

US companies closer to balancing capex with operating cash flow, says

Coup? What coup? Global financial markets largely shrug off the failed putsch in Turkey

3 hours ago
Fresh records for the S&P 500 and Dow -- and with that it's a 5th straight record close

Good morning from Berlin. Asia mkts showed remarkable resilience to failed coup attempt in Turkey & terror in Nice.


Retreat from Ba'shiqa & regression of its support2 Syrian rebels = Erdogan will concentrate n domestic affairs

Baa3 ratings may be cut to JUNK by Moody’s, citing impact of failed coup on growth, policymaking institutions-external buffers.

Erdogan runs a Masters level class on how to execute a takeover..

Former Air Force Chief Akin Ozturk categorically denied coup charges in his statement, yet state run news agency falsely reported otherwise

U.S State Department spox: Gülen to our knowledge living peacefully in Pennsylvania

State: hasn't made extradition request. 'We need to take the drama, if you will, out of it & look at it purely as a legal question'


Toner: We do have an extradition treaty w Turkey. We would welcome such a request with the evidence that they believe shows Gulen involved

toner: This is a legal treaty. Involves legal process. Just need to receive formal request. Going to make evidence-based decision.

President Erdogan-formal extradition request to be made to US in days. Death penalty depends on Parliament's will.

So the blowback after the Coup -Turkey -US relations 《. Relations between Turkey and Russia / Iran & Syria 》.

Purge numbers keep growing...

Ah , so Erdogan and his Allies knew about the military plot beforehand !


Purge totals , so far.

Odds & Ends....

Why are folks mad at Canadians ? They opened their doors more graciously than Europe as a whole or the US !

I guess I shouldn't be surprised , at this point...

Madman with goes on rampage on train in Germany .....can't make this stuff up anymore. Lots of whack -a-doodles.

If accurate-decision seem more about the timing for when the ax should fall...

4 hours ago
1. Following the French prosecutor Francois Molins' press conference, we now have evidence of the Nice driver's radicalization

2. According to my colleague who transcribed the presser, the following was found on driver's computer: "Very violent images

3. The pictures on his PC included jihadists brandishing the ISIS flag, Osama bin Laden and of North African terror leader Moktar Belmoktar

4. In 2 weeks preceding attack, the driver had on a "near-daily basis" searched the internet for: Jihadist nasheed chants, Orlando shooting

6. Officials have said his radicalization occurred in recent weeks, but prosecutor said a witness who spoke to him 7-8 mos ago saw signs

“We assess there are just a few hundred (ISIS) fighters left in ” Marine Gen. Dunford

News items for Monday. ..

This is pretty up to date - good job of reporting , answers some questions.


So we see this today...

EU refugee deal with Turkey remains more important than Erdogan's autocratic actions -including ongoing purges.