Saturday, July 16, 2016

Economic News , Data & Views.....June16 , 2016 ...... Quick His ( Non- Turkey Coup Items ..... 1. Nice Attack - Follow Up Items For Saturday Including : ISIS Claims Responsibility For Deadly Rampage ; Background On Killer , Mohamed Lahouaiei Bouhlel ; Status Of Investigation. 2. UK Updates - Domestic & International Politics , Post-Brexit Items. 3. Greece In Focus : Greece Ensnared In Turkey Coup As Fleeing Coup Officers Seek Political Asylum In Greece ; Second Review Set To Begin , Implementation Of Next Round Of Prior Actions On Tap ; New Push To Collect VAT Underway ; Prosecutors Probe Protests At Aristotle University ; Tsipras Seeks Changes To Electoral System & Constitution ; Stocks Recover A Bit On The Week . 4. Odds & Ends.

Nice Attack

"In any other country ... a minister with a toll as horrendous ..... 250 dead in 18 months - would have quit,"

French Interior Minister says that the assailant from Thursday's attack in "seems to have become radicalized quickly."

Child lies alone in hospital when nobody comes to identify him after Nice attack

Update: -related agency says IS "soldier" carried out attack in

BREAKING: ISIS media branch claims responsibility for attack in Nice that killed 84 people:

Who was Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel, the man suspected of killing 84 in the Nice lorry attack?

JUST IN: 5 people detained by French officials for questioning following attack on Nice

BREAKING: French prosecutor's office: 5 people in custody in wake of deadly truck attack in Nice.

UK Politics / Post Brexit Results Updates / International Updates....

The murky outlines of a Brexit deal are emerging

Was at Heathrow and Gatwick yesterday, machine gun toting police highly visible.

Boris Johnson: "Turkish Foreign Minister very grateful for UK support in the UN and elsewhere"

Labour MPs Make Complete Ankaras of Themselves:

See all tonight's ministerial appointments here. That's it for this evening >>

Further ministerial appointments will be announced this evening. See them all here >>


military helicopter landed in after , 8 rebels request asylum - Media

Mystery hotel guests probing VAT dodgers

Moscovici to emphasize no delays

Prosecutors probe sit-ins at Aristotle University

Solidarity with what?

eyes connection with voters through changes to constitution, electoral system

rise 3.8 pct on week, banks rebound by 10.7 pct

Odds & Ends - Items Possibly Overlooked Yesterday ....

What Trump's chaotic VP rollout says about his campaign

US, Russia agree on 'steps' in Syria, but won't say what

Declassified US report links Saudi government officials with 9/11 al-Qaeda terrorists

Log Sought 28 Pages - Saudis Connections To 9-11 ! Link to read the actual document , vs commentary on the document.

Stepping down -end of September..

: Fierce fighting with /Daesh in central Sirte today. As of few hours ago 130 injured & 15 killed (12 from Misrata). Now 22 dead

: one chart says it all. Source: data.

S&P affirms at AA; Outlook stable despite cut of GDP forecast. Citing credible fiscal & supply-side reforms

One of the biggest shareholders of Monte dei Paschi is 's Finance Ministry. Held 4.02% of the bank.