Sunday, July 10, 2016

Economic News & Views .... July 10 , 2016. Quick Hits - 1. Sunday Top Post Brexit & UK Political Updates. 2.Top News From Elsewhere " Around The Horn In Europe ". 3. Post Dallas Tension In The US Continue.


Credit Bubble Bulletin: Weekly Commentary: Sovereign Market Dislocation a... Excellent overview fr Doug Noland

Post - Brexit , UK Political Puzzles.....

Parliament will have a role but does not need to pass an act to trigger Brexit negotiations

Germany, France, Sweden & Finland think UK should not receive any favors when negotiating post-Brexit trade deal.

Merkel sees as unavoidable once next UK leader in place. Pound remains below $1.30.

May campaign chief 'cannot conceive' of EU nationals not having right to remain in the UK

Corbyn "disappointed" over Eagle leadership bid, insisting "I worked flat out" for Remain

Lots of switching of positions have gone on apparently.....

This is noteworthy , if accurate , gives a different perspective on Brexit vote. Can't blame apathy of youth.

Powerful data to consider.....

Thyssenkrupp says in talks with Tata about European steel plants

Brexit Ironies Mount: Belgian Premier Warns EU Won't Help UK Out of "Black Hole" via

Corbyn supports efforts to find a parliamentary way to hold the former Prime Minister to account.

Tory & Labour MPs have held informal discussions about establishing a new political party - under certain conditions

Around The Horn In Europe Sans UK.....

Allegedly - locals attacked refugees on Saturday & threatened aid workers in the island's main refugee camp...

Rumors Greek Creditors to Increase Labor Law Measures Not Confirmed, Says VP Dragasakis

Worth read Larry Summers asks for nationalism! ... down from the globalist bandwagon

There you go, that was quick. Evening stop at US base in Rota then back to Washington after dinner.

Tension between Germany and Turkey still at elevated levels...

"The May trade figures mark the end of a disappointing week for German industry," Germany's economy slowing down.

Problem for DB- weak revenues , they have a lot of litigation hanging over them, and they have weak capital.

Looks like DB must really be in trouble to have its Chief Economist call for a 150 BN EU Bailout of European Banks !

's right-wing falls in polls to 10%, lowest since Jan amid internal party strife.

Tsakalotos heads to Eurogroup to push for relaxed primary surpluses after 2018

Several policemen injured after clashes with left-wing activists in

Post Dallas Tension In The US.....

Just announced

I appreciate 's point about trauma caused by showing black death on video. I fear audience needs 2 see 2 understand

Good observations...

"Officer purge" threat toward DPD was supposed to happen between 12-5am but I have not heard any reports of violence

Micah Johnson had been practicing detonating bombs & planned some kind of major attack - before Thursday's assault.

In this highly charged atmosphere nationally , incendiary postings like this by police officers , doesn't help !

So , the start of a serious discussion on what ails the country or media fanning flames of division ?

Both sides standing right now. Chanting from protesters. Warnings from police. No new escalation.

Overpass is packed with protesters and onlookers above I-94 exit

Several people have been arrested in including while standing aside. CALL BRPD NOW.

Flood lights came out. Cameras. Sheriffs. Armored trucks. It's getting more turnt. Not by us. By police.

Threat to Dallas Police involved 2-4 men w Houston group Black African Connection who allegedly were coming to kill more officers

BREAKING: St. Paul, Minnesota also has protesters, who are now blocking I-94. Screengrabs from various livestreams -

H&M shutdown in Chicago by protesters...