Monday, July 11, 2016

Economic News , Data & Views ..... July 11 , 2016..... Quick Hits - - 1. Markets & Market Moving News For Monday : S&P 500 Hits New Record High ; Italian Banks Not Going To Be Bailed Out By Europe's Taxpayers - So Says EG Chief Dijssebloem , Germany & Austria , Additional Items Related To Italian Bank Crisis. 2. UK Politics / Post - Brexit World News - May To Be Next Prime Minister. 3. Spain Political Process Of Forming Gov't Moving At Snail's Pace. 4. Greece - News De Jour. 5. US Civil Upheaval Continues - Post Dallas Items De Jour.


S&P 500 hit 1st record in > than 1yr as investors bet that US econ remains a pocket of solidity in a troubled world.

's Dijsselbloem pledges to resist calls for state aid for banks.

LOL! Italy's FinMin Padoan says there's no looming banking crisis in .

German FinMin Schäuble says possible to spare small Italian savers. 38% of dom bank debt held by retail investors.

FinMin: Banking problems in 'have absolutely nothing to do w/ .' Shouldn't use Brexit as excuse for own mistakes (DJ)

working on precautionary tools to address banks, FinMin Padoan says. (BBG)

Germany Says Its Position on Italian Banks Unchanged

UK Politics / Post - Brexit World News

Europe calendar for Referendum / Elections this Fall. Hungary and Austria on October 2nd . Italy - Oct30th or Nov6th

Marginal majority for a BoE rate cut this week..

Good. " means brexit".

JUST IN: British PM Cameron says he plans to formally resign Wednesday, expects Theresa May to become new PM by Wednesday evening.

MORE: PM Cameron: Will chair last cabinet meeting Tuesday, attend last PM's Questions Wednesday, followed by offering resignation to Queen.

EU Commission VP Dombrovskis: Longer term consequences of Brexit will depend on what model of cooperation UK chooses with EU.

FTSE 250 at its highest since the Brexit vote.

Whoa ! What a shocker ! The leadership race is over !



Said PSOE will have to choose.

Rajoy playing very hardball politics with PSOE.

, May Skip Deficit Fine as Looks to Fudge Rules - Bloomberg -


Lenders flag up minimum wage, trade union law among issues to be examined in next review

sets out key priorities for , including market flexibility

Greek power utility workers disrupt meeting on grid spin-off

Opposition renews call for Plan X inquiry as Galbraith points to PM's role

State Debts to Private Sector in Greece Delay up to 4 Years

Post- Dallas US Civil Unrest


4 shot , 3 dead...

This does not look good at all.

Another ambush of a police officer. This occurred today near Ferguson , MO.

4 arrested after threatening on social media to kill Detroit Police

Police Chief to lawmakers: 'Do your job' on gun control:

"I'm going to make sure nobody else out there was involved" Chief Brown on investigation of sniper attack

Chief Brown says his family received death threats after officer shootings last week.

Dallas Police Chief David Brown addresses reporters, says 11 officers used guns, 2 used explosives to stop suspect

"We're asking cops to do too much in this country" DPD chief on burdens society is placing on police departments

"They want us to be superman and superwoman and we're not" Chief Brown expresses frustration at expectations on cops