Saturday, July 9, 2016

Economic News , Data & Views ...... July 9 , 2016...... Quick Hits - 1. UK Politics - May , Leadsom & Eagle In Focus / Post Brexit Items - Where's Mad Max When You Really Need Him . 2. MENA News - Syria , Iraq In Primary Focus - ISIS Increasingly On The Ropes And Foreign Sponsors Have Left The Building . 3. Dallas Police Officer Attack - Updates For Saturday , Ripple Effects Across The US . 4. Greece News For Today - Not Headlining Every Day Like In 2015 , But Gone From The Front Pages Doesn't Mean Greece Should Be Forgotten . 5. Markets - Some Things To Consider . 6. Odds & Ends.

UK Politics  / Post Brexit Items....

May & Leadsom Dust Up aka  -  "Girls Just Want To Have Fun

Shame on those gutter journalists at The Times for errrr reporting what someone said. How could you?

A poll of 5,000 Tory members published by Leave.EU on Thursday found that 56% supported Mrs Leadsom against 44% for Mrs May

Angela Eagle set to challenge Corbyn for Labor leadership.

Another excellent missive from Wolfgang , addressing political state of play , markets and the way forward.

The British government has rejected an online petition signed by 4.1 million people calling for a new referendum.

UK government rejects 4m-strong petition for 2nd EU vote

MENA News.....

Foreign doctors forced to flee Yemen as the country's hospitals reach breaking point

. How moderate militias joined Nusra to break the ceasefire & refused Kerry's demand 2 separate fr JAN

Mosul campaign gets closer to reality. ...

has suffered 18,600 terror attacks since 2003

Why you can’t explain the Iraq war without mentioning oil

Siege in place...

Rebel held portion of Aleppo under siege..

BREAKING: Reports that 's army has recaptured the Qayyarah airfield, south of . Very important victory.

NEW MAP update: captured hill near road. Supply route is cut.

Up to 300,000 Syrians could get Turkish citizenship: Report

Boeing probably not exactly pleased with the House , right about now....


What's Going On......

I think the Gods must be crazy.

SOURCES: DPD received anonymous message about a group coming from Houston with the intent to kill officers

SWAT now moving on foot outside DPD HQ after anonymous threat about group from Houston wanting to kill cops

Almost daily deadly police -civilian encounters continue - death by peace officer in Houston.

I have to disagree...

Thousands Protest Police Violence Across US Cities; Tear Gas Used In Phoenix "Black Lives Matter" Rally

We believe Mr. Johnson, now deceased, was the lone shooter," - Dallas mayor Mike Rawlings.1

More information on the robot bomb..

Dallas Mayor Rawlings: "2 plans were created. They were presented to the chief shortly after our 12:30 press conf. He approved 1 of them" PT

Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings: the decision (to use "bomb robot" w/ explosive) "was ultimately made by Dallas Police Chief David Brown" .

Robot bomb decision..

FBI Issues Alert in Louisiana: Violence Against Law Enforcement Officers, Riots via

Alert warns that “multiple groups are calling for or planning riots and/or violence against law enforcement in Baton Rouge and Shreveport.1


Can We Go Round In Circles ....

European official expresses concern at slow registrations after Leros riot

Greek exports record major decline in May

State resorts to confiscation of bank deposits and properties of debtors

HFSF demands changes at National, Piraeus

Consumer prices down 0.7 percent in June



Good morning from Berlin. This chart shows the madness of markets. Yields move in different direction than economy.

Looks as if Brexit is just another episode in up & down of mkts. Global mkts have gained $120bn in mkt cap this week

hits the end of the road as stock of -eligible Bunds keeps shrinking.

Odds & Ends ...

La Belle Dame Sans Regrets

Attempting to bail out DB , if it comes down to that , will challenge Germany & ECB !

What can one say ? Bahamas issues travel advisory regarding avoiding US Police Officers.

PSOE declines to back Rajoy as PM.

Global economy 'grim' and G20 must step up to fix it: China

Activists' installation in Sarajevo depicts 's Serb entity as massive grave, ahead of anniversary

America's military budget, at over $600 billion, is more than three times the size of Greece's entire economy.

Whenever there is fighting between real estate brokers, the worst is yet to come. This is HK...