Friday, July 15, 2016

Economic News , Data & Views ..... July 15 -16 , 2016.... Special Report --Updated ...... Coup Fog Descending - Not Clear If Coup Succeeding Or Failing Just Yet - Although The Story Is Not Yet Fully Told ...... Turkey Has A Stunning Military Coup , Erdogan Allegedly Deposed. Details Known , As Of Now.

Turkey Coup....


Does the US blink , will the US bow down to Erdogan pressure tactics ?

One man rule and arbitrary decisions not acceptable in strategic ally country & accession candidate to

The best conclusion so far...

No support from any political party. Worth noting Opposition & criticized media and social media helped stop Coup.

US consulate in Ankara says power to Incirlik AFB has been cut; also access to the base

BREAKING: Power cut off from Turkey's Incirlik air base, amid reports the base is being closed off.

BREAKING: Turkey's PM says any country that supports Fethullah Gulen, who is based in the US, is at war with Turkey

BREAKING: US Secretary of State asks Turkey to provide evidence of Fethullah Gulen's involvement in coup plot

This is worth pondering - was Erdogan warned ahead of time of planned Coup ? Check thoughts in series of tweets.

Erdogan has big opportunities to purge military (think Sadat's 'corrective revolution') & claim supra-electoral nation-saviour status. 2/3

BREAKING: Eleven members of Turkey's Supreme Court have been arrested


This is how the parliament building looks like after the bombings...

Turkey's Parliament, the day after.

BREAKING: Turkish Air Force officers played major role in coup attempt

: authorities remove 2,745 judges from duty following attempted coup: NTV

BREAKING: Turkish government sacks five judges from the country's high court

BREAKING: 100 pro-coup military personnel arrested at Diyarbakir airbase in Turkey

3) Turkey EU migration/visa deal also threatened by death penalty. Very hard to meet terror law visa criteria

💥 Turkish government urgent meeting today delayed for the second time now, reasons unknown. "

Latest figures show 265 dead, 1,440 injured in attempt. Live updates here

: About 20 Turkish coup plotters dead, 30 wounded - PM


104 Rebels against Erdogan killed in failed Turkey coup.

Greek govt spox: Asylum requests of 8 Turks will be examined but fact they joined attempt to overthrow democracy will be taken into account.

BREAKING: Greece is studying asylum requests from Turkish pro-coup military personnel, as Turkey requests immediate extradition.

MORE: Greek media report a Turkish military helicopter with 8 passengers has landed in Alexandroupolis.

The 8 (not 6 as initially reported) passengers of Turkish helicopter that landed in Alexandroupolis asked 4 political asylum- ANA

ERT says the were arrested as they entered the country illegally, have been led to local police dpt

Turkish govt survives coup as rebels surrender

What we know right now...

Erdogan triumphs over coup attempt in Turkey

Anti-government group 'has taken over a frigate' at Turkey's Golcuk naval base

Officials insisting Saturday that was falling apart

Latest attempt is different than those in the past, argues DW's Seda Serdar

Turkish Airlines cancels flights after attempted coup


Update - British Airways have cancelled all flights to and from Turkey today

Gulen denies role in Turkey coup attempt

I wonder if Erdogan will remember that social media, local journos + protesters, incl many of his political opponents, rolled the coup back

Turkish PM appointed the head of the 1st Army as a chief of staff. Helicopter shot down in by pro-Erdogan. .

Turkish President Erdorgan urges supporters to remain in public squares until situation returns to normal

Sure is....

: Erdogan supporters in the Army taking more control of the Air Force HQ. F-16 bombing tanks around the Presidential palace.

Coup petering out....

LIVE — Minister of Development Lütfi Elvan: Rear Admiral Nejat Atilla Demirhan detained in southern Mersin province

Opposition rejected military coup attempt , a major flaw in plan by Coup plotters...

BREAKING: Three pro-coup military helicopters surrounded Erdogan's holiday accommodation as troops stormed it, but he had already left

Coup attempt is not over - despite what you might read...

UPDATE: latest information suggest warplane was loyal to government knocked out coup tanks around the palace


PM Yıldırım: More than 120 people are arrested over the coup attempt

PM Yıldırım live on tv: This is the 2nd war of independence. These soldiers acted worse than terrorists. I call on all not to leave streets

Pres Erdogan live: We will not leave our country to these occupiers. Millions have taken to the streets. I'm w/ my ppl, not going anywhere

Turkey coup: President Erdogan says army elements guilty of 'treason' and tries to restore order - all latest here

Erdogan live on NTV at Istanbul airport says he doesn't know whereabouts of army chief of staff. Calls on all top commanders to resist coup

We are going to see the rubber hit the road real soon , with this order.

Cumhuriyet daily reports that Pres Erdogan's plane which landed in Istanbul Ataturk Airport has now taken off again

BREAKING: Turkish govt has given order to air force to shoot down coup-aligned military helicopters

latest: - not in -Turkey gov't claims control -Civilians protest

LIVE — President Erdoğan: We won't leave the fate of this country to invaders, this coup attempt will be fully terminated

BREAKING: More explosions rock Turkish parliament, PM orders jets from Eskisehir base to destroy chopper -

Helicopter gunships and airplanes have been attacking the Grand National Assembly for nearly two hours now.

Probably F-16s of 9th Main Jet Base from are joined the coup ready to hunt in

Breaking- Erdogan's jet which landed in Atatürk Airport in Istanbul has taken off again!

The moment of shelling of 's parliament. [Whoa]

URGENT: Military take media hostages at Hurriyet, CNN Turk offices – reports

Breaking News: Military jets continue to bomb Turkish parliament, so far hit 5 times in last 40m, broken windows seen, 12 injuries reported

There are massive explosions right now in central Istanbul. Crazy.

BREAKING: Coup soldiers are storming headquarters of CNN Turk

Turkey: A top Turkish official says the coup attempt within the country's military appears to have been unsuccessful

Senior official says situation "largely under control." Chief of General Staff Hulusi Akar (earlier reported as taken hostage) in charge.

At moment reports suggesting coup in Turkey failing. What does Erdogan now in Istanbul do.

BREAKING: Turkish official says Erdogan's plane landing in Istanbul

RT : Erdoğan lands safely at Atatürk Airport meanwhile parliament bombed again


There's a lot of BS floating on the water right now....

WH: Kerry said that State Dep will continue to focus on safety-security of US citizens-President ask him updates as the situation unfolds

WH:Obama spoke w Kerry about Turkey,agreed all parties should support the democratically elected Gov-show restraint-avoid violence/bloodshed

BREAKING: Turkish military coup attempt being carried out by generals in Turkey's First Army, based in Istanbul.

Shots fired & explosions heard in . Both bridges in Istanbul (Bosphorous & Fatih Sultan Mehmet) closed. Continue to shelter in place.

Situation at Istanbul Ataturk airport. People on Tarmac. No security (via )


BREAKING: Secretary of State John Kerry says he hopes for stability, peace, continuity in Turkey as coup apparently under way.

Assad is somewhere sipping a glass of wine , ROTFLAO....

British Foreign Office Press Release after

German police have cordoned off Turkish embassy


UPDATE: UN Sec. General Ban Ki-moon has called for calm in

People have reportedly responded to his call in many cities, some even pictured taking over a tank

But troops are still firmly in control of Istanbul's biggest square, Taksim, according to

Tanks have opened fire near 's Parliament building in . Gunfire at Airport. This does not look good at all...

Germany say "Sorry , Charlie! "

More high irony , if accurate. Imagine Erdogan seeking asylum in Germany -after all that has occurred !

He'll probably be Prime Minister by Tuesday at the rate things are going.

Unconfirmed reports of Erdogan's presidential palace getting hit.

LIVE BLOG: Military helicopters attack satellite station in Ankara, reports say

Turkish secret service building is burning!!!

This is what I call a steep fall!

Erdogan has new appreciation for social media now..

Turkish troops launch military coup

Erdogan emerges: "I am inviting the people to squares and streets to give them the lesson they need"

Erdogan allegedly attempting to flee..

: The Army declare martial law and the formation of a "council of peace" to run the power in the country .


Update - Turkish media reports soldiers have entered 's ruling party's offices and have asked people to leave

Ironic after supporting Syrian Opposition for years against Assad , Erdogan Gov't hit by Military Coup today.

military says all existing foreign relations will continue, rule of law must remain priority.

- Coup plotters have taken 's Military Chief of Staff Hulusi Akar & other commanders as hostages at the Army HQ in .

- Military statement: “To regain our constitutional, democratic & human rights, we are now officially controlling the country"

All major airports have been closed. All bridges leading in and out of the cities has been blocked. ARMY has taken control of .

Holy Hell ! Turkey Miltary says coup accomplished !

: Appears that portions of ’s Infantry, Armored Corps & AirForce are involved in this attempted coup Airport now shut.

Many phone networks seem to be down in right now - PM confirmed military coup attempt in

PM Binali Yıldırım denounces 'attempted uprising' as armed forces take to streets & skies

Coup attempt underway...

Confirmation of an coup attempt in progress...this is no Friday prank folks.


Very unusual activity in & . bridges closed. Troops on main streets. Jets & helicopters all over skies.

- *Unconfirmed* reports suggest eyewitnesses have seen policemen being disarmed by Army personnel. Others say a terror alert.

BREAKING: Gunfire heard in Turkish capital, military jets and helicopters flying over -

Reports of significant military presence in urban areas in Turkey. Two Istanbul bridges on lockdown by military.

This is the first time troops and the military vehicles are seen in urban areas in Turkey since 1997.

Could be something a foot in Ankara , considerable military activity.

Formerly , US Ambassador to Ukraine...