Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Economic News , Data & Views ..... July 27 , 2016 .... Items For Consideration - 1. Markets & Market Moving News : Fed Stays On Hold , Chirps About Keeping Mind Open For September Rate Hike , Market Ignores Fed ; US Durable Goods Orders Miss The Mark ; Italian Banks Going To Be The Focus In ECB Stress Tests - Can A Private Bailout Be Arranged For Ailing Monte dei Paschi ? 2. Turkey Items For Wednesday. 3. Spain & Portugal Break Budgetary Rules - But Schauble Blesses This , So It's Okay. 4. Greece In Focus . 5.Odds & Ends.


Wash , rinse , repeat...

Heard this all before..

Markets not buying what Goldman is selling . August 5th Employment Situation Report will garner lots of attention.


If private bailout not in place when stress tests results are released Friday , could be a/o weekend of drama.

Looking at 8 other Banks to guarantee a 5 bn cash call , None Of The Banks Agree To Make Cash Injection Though! G.L.W.T.


Turkey dismisses military, shuts media outlets as crackdown deepens Erdogan's Pivot to Moscow

Turkey keeps harping on US involvement in coup , if US doesn't turn over Gulen-despite having not produced evidence.

Military says 8,651 soldiers participated in Turkey’s coup attempt

About 40 percent of Turkish generals and admirals discharged in post-coup crackdown

purge continues: 1684 military officers, including 149 generals and admirals, "dishonourably discharged" after failed coup

New figures show the extent of Turkey's shutdown of opposition media outlets - one of history's largest

Top general denies report on retired US general’s involvement in Turkey’s coup attempt

Turkish Soldiers Seeking Asylum in Greece Get Extension

Has CHP leader been paying attention? Many witches and perceived witches detained or fired-more witches found daily.

Turkey orders detention of 47 more journalists: government official

Turkey opens a special cemetery for Gulen followers. Its name: Cemetery of Traitors.

EU " Democracy "....

Moscovici: We give Spain two more years to bring its deficit below 3% of GDP, but we'd be delighted if this was done in one year.

So only Greece has to follow EZ / EU rules to the letter.

EU Commission proposes cancellation of excessive deficit fines for both Spain and Portugal. Not even a symbolic €0 fine.

European Commission recommends to cancel fines and to set new fiscal paths for Spain and Portugal, citing 'challenging economic environment

Once again , EU budgetary deficit rules rendered meaningless.

Greece Items For Wednesday...

Farms exempt from supplementary property tax only for 2016

BoG asks for fiscal forecast revision, to incorporate Brexit effect

Greece fails on tax incentives for home buyers

Government Data Points to More than 57,000 Migrants in Greece Right Now

Anarchists Occupy SYRIZA Government Offices in Thessaloniki

Last Migrants Leave Piraeus Port for Proper Facilities

Odds & Ends....

Till now. 3 attacks directed by in - Europe: Paris, Brussels &Ansbach. Digital link to ISIS: Magnanville, Wurzburg & Normandy church.

Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein woos disaffected Bernie Sanders supporters.

PSOE MINI REACTION: "a judge is going to take everyone in the Popular Party except the doorman at party HQ to trial"

Rojava this morning: ISIS terrorist attack in Qamishlo. 40 dead and 100 wounded reported.

UN: Links between and AQ cells and armed groups in Tripoli, where foreign fighters have been offered housing by local militias

UN: has deals with Arab armed groups around Kufra to protect convoys. Attempts to infiltrate Tabu networks in SW largely failed

UN: Influential figures in Misrata were connected to in Sirte and lobbied Brigade 166 to refrain from attacking Sirte in 2015

UN envoy Martin Kobler: The situation in will not improve without a unified army

LATEST: Catalan Parliament votes 72-52 in favour of debating constituent process, defying Constitutional Court.