Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Economic News , Data & Views July 26 , 2016 ..... Quick Hits For Tuesday : 1. NOC Chairman ( Tripoli ) Gives An Explosive Interview About What's Going On In Libya Regarding Its Oil ; 2. Germany - An Important Thread From Rukmini Callimachi Regarding The Ansbach Bomber , Who Might Not Be ISIS Inspired , But Rather First ISIS Operative In Europe. Additional Items Of Note Regarding Germany's Terror Crisis. 3. France Battling Its Own Crisis & Inability To Halt Terror Attacks - Another Attack Today Wherein Priest Beheaded. 4. Odds & Ends.

Libya Oil Shenanigans........

First tweet sets forth what set off the firestorm...

's internationally-recognized NOC warns and rebukes UN's about Jadran deal

Oil guard chief says a one-off payment from UN-backed govt. is part of deal to re-open oil ports.

Abdelrazek Nathouri (Army CoS) warns oil tankers of approaching Libyan waters w/o permission

NOC- Tripoli blistering Kobler , GNA & Jadran

NOC chairman Sanallah: I think this phase is sensitive-we must inform the Libyan people about the real situation & the oil crisis

NOC chairman Sanallah: After owning reserves valued at LYD 160bn Libya became a state that lacks liquidity

NOC chairman Sanallah: the ports have been hijacked for 3 years - they were not closed- they were kidnapped for unknown reasons

NOC Sanallah: on 25/07/2013 we received 4 unclear messages from the PFG about closing the fields,airports if we did not meet their demands

NOC chairman Sanallah: Jadhran tried to illegally export oil tanker "Morning Glory"-the tanker was returned &discharged.It is still in Khoms

NOC chairman Sanallah: Jadhran claims he has 20,000 armed troops, but in fact he doesn't even have 1100 men

NOC chairman Mustafa Sanallah: The NOC and its partners have lost USD100 billion through oil field [and port] closures

Explosive !

NOC chairman says Jadran can not legally re-open the terminals, & if he does no one will come so long as Force Majeur in place

HoR escalates oil dispute a few notches...

NOC chairman Sanallah: The measures [decisions] that the GNA Presidency Council took with Jadhran will distort its image

NOC chairman Sanallah: Jadhran only controls the oil ports [Sidra & Ras Lanuf], nothing else

Mustafa Sanallah: Ibrahim Jadhran does not have any means to reopen the oil fields

Mustafa Sanallah: No oil will be sold outside legal channels

Mustafa Sanallah: No single drop of oil has been remunerated since 2014


1. ISIS has just published its newsletter in Arabic, including spread on attacker. Waiting for translation:

2. I don't speak Arabic & it will be sometime before I get a professional translation, so the following is based on what I see from others

3. But it appears that an-Naba is describing how suicide bomber was a member of ISI, precursor to ISIS (if true it means he goes way back)

4. According to , newsletter says that he spent 3 months building his IED. German officials raided his house but didn't find

5. Again according to 's translation, he left Syria Syria before ISIS came there (meaning pre-2014?). Later tried to join

6. Newsletter gives his name as Abu Yusuf al-Karrar, according to . Says he waged jihad online for ISIS from outside area

7. If this can b confirmed, it blows hole through ISIS-inspired theory. is = to Paris/Brussels, an ISIS operative on European soil

8. Local press had reported yesterday that officials found old shrapnel in attacker's body (i.e suggesting previous battlefield experience)

Police powers 》 & police resources 》. Possible military role. Items certainly to be discussed at Cabinet meeting.

Evacuation caused by bomb threat. Search underway by Police of the building.

bombing: MPs call for faster migrant deportations

Actually two great piece to read. First on Brexit , second on recent German terror incidents.

France Terror Attack .....

Potentially hundreds of potential terrorists are located across Europe

Today's brutal murder of priest was 7th Islamist terrorist atrocity in France since Jan 2015, killing 236 by Islamist terrorism in 18 months

One killer deactivated electronic monitoring device !

Enhancing control over activities of individuals on watch lists is going to become a focal point. Imo.

What does " by all means " mean ? French citizens will want details of Hollande's plan to stop terror incidents.

Almost daily terror event - Northern France.

Odds & Ends....

National General Election: Trump 41% (+2) Clinton 39% Johnson 10% Stein 5% NBC/SurveyMonkey tracking poll

NBC News: is officially the first woman nominee from a major U.S. political party

Wouldn't be shocked if there are documents released on Thursday. ..

The extent of the damage will be based on the content and its veracity.

How to be come moderate in Syria: From Jabhat al-Nusra to Jabhat Fateh al-Sham 😋

I’m told probably in a live interview with Al-Jazeera tomorrow. Also, some key leaders may still refuse.

Turkey and Russia working to restore economic and political ties.Recent bad blood between both nations fading away.

AKP , CHP and MHP seem to believe rumors US behind failed Coup attempt. Opposition falling in line w/Erdogan.

: A political decision has been taken on continuing Turkstream project - Russian agencies cite Turkish economy minister

Renzi hopefully driving a Lamborghini or Ferrari. He needs brute speed to get that bailout before Friday or weekend.

Italian banks among laggards in EuroStoxx Banks w/German lenders Commerzbank and Deutsche after CBK profit warning

Good morning from , where another private support fund for banks called Atlante2 to ready to deal w/ NPL.

FTSE 250 now above level on June 22nd..

Judge in the Corbyn on ballot case will deliver judgement on Thursday

Tory lead widens notably over Labor.

SAA about to mount serious effort to take rebel held part of Aleppo ?

EU refutes Erdogan - says EU set to pay Turkey 2.15 BN euros for refugee by the end of July.

No indication PP & Rajoy any closer than forming a new Gov't than after prior Election.