Saturday, July 2, 2016

Economic News , Data & Views ..... July 2 , 2016...... Quick Hits - 1. Brexit & UK Politics - Thought Provoking Points Of View . 2. Markets & Market Moving News. 3. Around The Horn - EZ & EU. 4. Odds & Ends .

Brexit - UK Politics

What polling failed to capture....

Good read...

Old myths die hard....

Andrew Marr is worth a read. Mentions "Norway+" deal.

Something to keep an eye on...

Worth the read , will let everyone draw their own conclusions , regarding the merits of the critique.

Weidmann-EU should give UK quick & fair exit deal & not hinder process for the sake of setting a political example.

Chances of an EEA deal sink with May or Gove - the EU will not compromise on free movement of labour

Brexit vote over , both Monetary & Fiscal help seems coming to the UK in the near & medium term....

Markets & Market Moving News....

Financial tsunami: Continued cap flows into have now pushed complete yield curve out to 50y below ZERO.

Totally mad markets: Global stock mkts have gained $1.78trn in mkt cap this week, most since Mar as Brexit fears ebb

Good morning. What a difference a week makes: Now everyone’s a winner in Brexit aftermath.

Around The Horn - EZ & EU.

Let's see if he's correct. If he's wrong , his credibility will be dinged.

Number of Spanish citizens emigrating from Spain: 2011: 55,472 2012: 57,267 2013: 73,329 2014: 80,441 2015: 98,934

Odds & Ends....... Primarily MENA

Fwiw ..... Game Of Thrones , Middle East version.

US-backed rebels seize huge cache of ISIS documents in Syria

30,000 children 'in desperate need' at Syrian border after Jordan halts aid

More electricity problems in the south. With a 5/6 hr rotation on/off. We had been down to a daily 6hr cutoff. Won't be pleasant in 43C heat

Bangladesh hostages were not abused by the killers. Muslims spared , non muslims tortured. ISIS hate crime

Twenty people, all of them foreigners , most from Italy and Japan , killed in ISIS attack & hostage siege.

We all need to be vigilant to the global threat of terrorism ......

16 Tunisians missing + 12 found alive after their boat capsized off the coast of Sabratha as they tried to to get to Europe.

residents still suffering coz of long queues outside banks &made worse by fasting &high temperatures

I don't think EU-Turkey deal is going to amount to anything-otherwise , Germany & France would be quiet on Armenia.