Sunday, July 3, 2016

Economic News & Views ..... July 3 , 2016 ...... Quick Hits For Sunday -- 1. UK News Of The Day - Politics , Post Brexit World. 2. MENA Report - Libya , Syria & Iraq In Focus. 3.Greece Items For Sunday. 4. Odds & Ends.

Post - Brexit / UK Politics.....

Business group prepping legal challenge to prevent Gov't fr beginning Brexit negotiations w/o an act of parliament.

Very interesting move here.....EUC ( Juncker ) backs down on push for lead role for Exit Talks !

For June 17-19 to June 24-26, police hate crime figures actually show a slight fall - from 10 to six.

Hate crime is unacceptable in any circumstances say police Note - no major spikes in tensions reported...

Immigration restrictions warnings....

Interview highlights - Leadsom , May & Gove..

German politician says offer young Brits passports...

could unite with Catholics, Protestants looking for stability

survival guide for Brits in

Popular story that Brits were all googling ‘What is the EU?’ post-Brexit was untrue:

Most Labour MPs represent a constituency that voted Leave


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ISIS conducted 100 suicide bomb attacks just in June - Syria, Iraq & Libya. ISIS primarily kills muslims.

Very important to grasp the distinctions being made by ISIS with its mayhem...

: The death toll of last night's bombings will finish above 200. Hundreds more wounded.

Map of current IS and Misratan forces positions in via

Incremental progress..

I demand immediate release of all arbitrarily detained prisoners in . Working Group on Arbitrary Detention

5 dead, 71 wounded in fighting against IS in Sirte.

Car explosion in Al-Pepsi St. . At least 4 reported killed & 7 injured

Granting citizenship to Syrian refugees controversial w/i Turkey-thus no timeframe or details on how this might work

Jabhat al-Nusra seized all weapons and ammunition held by the FSA group, including a batch of U.S. supplied TOWs.

Nusra Front has abducted the commander of West-backed Jaish al-Tahrir , several of his aides & scores of fighters.

Locals rally to expel Jabhat al-Nusra from eastern Qalamoun after pilot execution

suicide bomber strikes rebel meeting in Daraa, seven commanders killed

Russia to use Mediterranean aircraft carrier for airstrikes on Islamists in Syria

Before and after where exploded killing over 172 civilians (along with the second explosion)

'Holiday clothes in Iraq' - grim from after deadly bombings targeting shoppers


The happened during the last days of the holy month of


Iraqi PMU:
Death toll for attacks officially rises to 172 killed, 196 injured

Close-up on a captured suicide car-bomb

: Kubiš Condemns Cowardly Bombing: Despite Pain and Agony, Iraqis Will Triumph Over Terrorism

sleeper cells activate at town in Daraa following massive suicide bombing

Greece ......

Jetoil gas company owner found dead, suicide suspected

Pressure on Greek gov't to catch up on reforms

Officials eye ships carrying guns to Libya via Aegean

Nearly half a million Greeks have left, Bank of Greece report finds

Odds & Ends.....

Breaking news - NYC blast , cause unknown , at least one serious injury. Stay tuned !

The incident occurred not far from the zoo

Whilst both BE and PCP (part of fragile leftist Govt) are threatening an in if there are sanctions.

Could I have a double measure of whatever they are drinking at please?

Novartis to sell stake in Roche by end of this year provided there is no stock market crash: SonntagsZeitung

Shenzhen June average home price 61,756 Yuan, +10.6% MoM, +101% YoY... Dama remains firmly have trust in bricks.

Retailers, restaurants, now fitness centre in trouble! California Fitness closed one of its shops fuels bankruptcy rumor may become true!

No graphic images of the victims.... as a heads up !

Breaking : published pictures of 5 attackers claims killing 22 “Crusaders” & 2Police men

Pro- Sons Caliphate Army () pubished a poster promoting the at a restaurant in

13. Al-Qaeda wrote: "The Turkish people are Muslim & their blood is sacred." An implicit critique of ISIS' bombing