Sunday, June 5, 2016

Economic News & Views ( June 5 , 2016 ) Items For Sunday (1. Refugee / Economic Migration Crisis . 2. Brexit Items - Different Points Of View . 3. Greece News - Creditor Talks , Austerity Measures , Economic Items , Politics. 4. Swiss Reject Basic Income. 5. Odds & Ends. )

Refugee Crisis - EU-Turkey Deal

Blowback begins b/c - no visa free travel , EU hasn't turned over promised 3bn for refugees , Armenia resolution.

There's been a breakthrough in the talks on visas, writes via

Greeks Expected to Pay €30 Bln in Taxes Until the End 2016

Inside Elliniko Refugee Camp | 360 VR Video |

FM Kurz says migrant boats shd be pushed back by forces on high seas. Why not bomb them? That'd definitely scare them.

Austrian FM suggests Australian model of detaining on islands

Gay Syrian to be deported from under - deal

Tragically prescient NYTimes cartoon as bodies of >100 wash ashore in .

Brexit ....

EU referendum poll:
Remain: 41% (+3) Leave: 43% (+2) (via TNS, online / 19 - 23 May)

EU referendum poll:
Remain: 41% (-) Leave: 45% (+4) (via YouGov) Chgs. from 30 - 31 May.

Brexit Battle "Leave" Surges to 3 Point Lead; Make the UK Great Again via

Tories supporting Leave (Boris Johnson and Michael Gove) , hit Cameron on lies concerning brexit impact on economy.

By playing immigration card, Vote Leave has tied itelf to the most dangerous form of Brexit. My SunTel column

Brexit could lead to a second Scottish independence referendum

Nigel Farage and Liam Fox host pro-Brexit rally in Bristol

Pork pies, Scotch beef, Stilton, Cornish pasties - how may affect "heritage" foods

Read our complete analysis in one place

Poll gives Brexit campaign three percentage points lead

Denmark may have a $150 billion problem if happens

may be leaving pound traders flustered but Britain's stocks are calm

Beijing's silent prayer on Brexit vote: better in than out

Brexit is now in sight

It is not clear which rights British expats in the EU will retain after Brexit

The Economist @The Economist  15hrs

The place to fret most about in case of a Brexit is not Scotland but Northern Ireland

ECB would act to counter market turmoil from Brexit: RTRS. Great, so the world won't end

Gordon Brown launches EU Referendum remain campaign with plea to keep peace on continent


This is discouraging , if accurate. Greece would become complicit w/ deaths caused by returns to unsafe countries.

Survey shows 8 in 10 Greeks feel measures were off target

Transport staff to hold stoppages to protest privatization plans

With first review almost in the bag, gov't eyes next reforms

PM mulls changes to electoral law, presidential vote

Monday's Euro Working Group to Decide on 's Loan Tranche via

poll [Alco-]: ND 25.4% Syriza 17.9% GD 8.1% KKE 6.5% DemSym (PASOK) 4.3% LAE 3.1% EK 3% ANEL 2.5% Plefsi 2.4% Potami 2.2%

HRADF Privatisation Fund Experts’ Released After Testimony to Magistrate

Swiss Reject Basic Income....

reject , pay limit initiatives: SRF projections via

Interesting perspective of Basic Income Results....

Swiss people are voting in a referendum on universal today

The Swiss are live-streaming the vote tomorrow, 10am-6pm UK time (in German)

Odds & ends

Around the Horn.... Europe

Strikes, floods, protests and sense of betrayal pile on misery for France

Roma projection [-EMG]: Raggi 36.3% Meloni 23.3% Giachetti 22.4% Very bad for Renzi if Giachetti finishes 3rd.

Indications for First Round Mayoral contests. Runoffs will be required -June 19th.

- Exit polls put Rome mayoral candidate of 5-Star Movement well in the lead, but second round will be needed.

For more updates on Rome's critical mayoral election watch me for updates Sunday evening.

Italy: Rise of right-wing populist (EFDD) and (ENF) since 2013 election:

Rome's mayoral election is looking interesting: 5Stelle & far right leading polls, both female candidates.

Corruption and urban decay are big issues in Rome's mayoral election as Italy's regions go to the polls, Julian…

Italy's PM Renzi faces crucial local elections tomorrow,anti-establishment party could win Rome, writes

can't escape pol & fiscal union, means: Gernany has to pay to hold things together

Look at your own genocide history, President Erdoğan tells Germany

Germany: (EPP) collapses, right-wing populist (ENF) would join parliament first time (INSA poll)

Nuclear energy as share of total electricity generation France: 77% Korea: 30% US: 20% Russia: 19% UK: 17% Germany: 16% India: 4% China: 2%


WATCH: Families in Fallujah risk lives crossing river to escape ISIS

Turkish company ‘agrees $4.2-billion deal to build Iran power plants’

With Syrian rebels within 5km of IS-stronghold of Manbij, will town fall this week?

forces continuing rapid gains to envelop terrorists in . ’s primary supply line to is now severed.

Secret UAE surveillance programme reveals the true face of a police state

Erdogan upset with German Parliament-but says bitter venom for Chancellor Merkel. Turkey's Cabinet meets Monday , will discuss Resolution then.

Foreign boots in country to fight IS would be 'contrary to our principles', says Libyan PM

Report: Libya's rival central banks end meeting Tunisia, agree joint distribution of newly printed banknotes.

Libyan Forces liberate key airport near ISIS controlled

This is how a bank in look like today. The Liquidity crises remains unsolved

Near , , 9 strikes struck 15 targets. MORE:

That invite Western politicians were waiting on to send troops to Libya? Not coming, says PM

Syrian Army, Desert Hawks liberate Abu Allaj village in west

More heavy clashes with militants in Bengahzi as Hafter and Thinni government try to neutralise GNA supporters -