Saturday, June 4, 2016

Economic News , Data & Views ( June 4 , 2016 ) Things To Watch & Consider Today ( 1. Markets / Market Moving News : Doug Noland's Credit Bubble Report Provides Comprehensive Overview For The Week That Was , Always With a Great Essay ; Stand Alone Items On Crude Oil , NYSE New Highs ; Finland Loses AAA Rating , As Per Moody's. 2.Brexit Items For Saturday - Cameron & Gove Faisal Islam Interviews & Audience Questions , Additional Brexit Items De Jour. 3. Venezuela Reaching Breaking Point. 4. Refugee Crisis Items For Saturday. 5. Greece Items For Saturday. )

Markets & Market Moving News.....

Credit Bubble Bulletin: Weekly Commentary: Monkey with Money at Your Own ...

US crude exports hit a record high of 591,000 b/d in April on European and Caribbean demand

: Here it comes back? U.S. rig count rises 9 to 325 as rises to $50 a barrel --

NYSE: 340 new 52-week highs on Friday, most since Jan 2015.

Finland downgraded by Moody's , loses AAA rating.


Like Cameron needs another trip to the woodshed....

Justice Secretary Michael Gove Interview - Sky News' political editor, Faisal Islam

David Cameron - Sky News Interview of June 2, 2016.... Parts 1 & 2 Below

67% of Germans say would be ‘bad’ but only 33% expect significant impact on ’s economy (via )

Here's our demographic breakdown of how people are likely to vote in the UK's EU referendum.

Why we should approach latest polls with caution: via

Brexit lead in latest polls pushes sterling volatility to highest since 2008-09 crisis


Venezuela on the edge of cracking , when the press get attacked by National Guard troops.....

"We're Hungry And Tired" - Protesters In Venezuela March Toward Presidential Palace Demanding Food

Refugee Crisis ........

Brexit ECJ alarm: big ruling on migrant benefits scheduled for Tuesday. Advice to judges was positive for London

shipwreck off happened in same stretch as April tragedy that killed 500

Libya not seeking to solve EU refugee problems......

Expect more deaths as attempts skyrocket....

Lt. Col. Tony Shaffer: "The [Syrian] refugee crisis – as sad as it is – is not our making."

Spokesperson for GNA's Navy in saying won't accept EU's attempts to use as a solution for its problems

Last year's refugee crisis made Europe realise it cannot insulate itself from neighbours

The refugee crisis has made Europe question itself

' go home': takes unexpected stance in EU

The “refugee crisis” is children, women and men spilling into the sea from rusting tubs.

Hundreds rescued, 9 die in shipwreck as tensions rise in migrant camps


Banks mulling special NPL vehicles

Court case of six TAIPED experts puts tranche at risk

No end to ENFIA tax before 2031 at the earliest

French officials offer support but urge action too

allowed sale of NPLs w state guarantees, the impact from potential forfeiture is exempted from fiscal brake.

allowed transfer for management of prim residence-backed housing NPLs with property value <140k, sale is exempted until end-2017

Migrant bottleneck in as EU-Turkey deal sputters

: Greek economy has reached its limit; creditors must take part of cost of debt adjustment via