Monday, June 6, 2016

Economic News , Data & Views ( June 6 , 2016 ) Quick Hits ( 1. Markets/ Market Moving News : Various Bond Indexes In Review ; Yellen Speech Today Drives Fed Hike Expectations For July Below 30 % ; S&P 500 Almost At All- Time Highs ; NIRP & Ultra- Low Interest Rates Impact Central Banks Ability To Boost Inflation. 2. Brexit - Remain & Leave Different Points Of View. 3. EU- Turkey Deal In Tatters , As Acrimony Builds Between Germany & Turkey . Refugee Items For Monday. 4. Greece Items For Monday - EWG Meeting , Economic Items , Domestic Politics & More. )

Markets & Market Making News !

Emerging Market Sovereign Bond Index (total return) hit a new all-time high today.

US High Yield Bond Index (total return) up over 14% from its Feb low, now only 0.5% away from a new all-time high.

S&P 500 closes within 1% of its all-time price high, closest to a new high of all global equity indices.

No timeframe given...



's Yellen voices concern on weak jobs data. Expectations for rate hike in Jul drop <30%.

paper: Ultra-low interests rates will make it harder for CenBanks to boost .


Looks like the Debate will be very important....

Andrew Neil interview of Hillary Benn. Full interview.

Hitachi Chairman Nakanishi to the Mirror: "jobs would be lost. This is the cold economic reality of Brexit"

Global Chairman of Japanese giant Hitachi tells the Mirror: "Brexit would force us and similar companies to rethink" UK expansion plans

Brexit Polls: All over the place.

The £ collapsing at prospect of BREXIT. This is a narrative that should worry

THURSDAY ITV DEBATE LEAVE: Boris Johnson, Andrea Leadsom, Gisela Stuart REMAIN: Nicola Sturgeon, Angela Eagle and Amber Rudd

EU-Turkey , Refugee Related Matters

Just desperately sad (from The New Odyssey by ).

Appeasement of Erdogan by Merkel results in unprecedented blowback , impacting German MPs of Turkish heritage.


Turkey going tit for tat with Germany , regarding genocide resolutions....

Erdogan erupts , Merkel and her spokesman respond...

Protestors in refugee-camp set garbage bins on fire, tents burned down

Swiss army trains some 2,000 personnel to deal with expected refugee influx

Lifelong refugee criticises refugees

Austrian FM wants to scrap key international law: the right to seek asylum after crossing a border

Just 18 Syrians have been sent back to Turkey under EU-Turkey and those 18 apparently didn't apply for asylum..

The EU-Turkey Readmission Agreement , which was ineffective , halted by Turkey.


ECB bond-buying favored big countries over small in May

Considering his prior role in sacking 5,000 from state payrolls-ironic he is against further austerity being imposed.

No trains on Thursday due to 24-hour strike

And privatisation of Hellinikon port > ESM board to decide on disbursement on June 16-17 via

Orange light from on 7,5 bn euros tranche. Awaiting confirmation that last missing items are done including civil aviation EU source

Staff at state hospitals to hold 24-hour strike to protest austerity impact


Must be summertime ! EWG slaps 48 hour deadline for compliance for completion of prior actions.

Greek gov't to present proposals for constitutional reform on July 24

waiting for confirmation that outstanding issues will be done by tomorrow. Potential problem could be the privitisation of OTE.

Not sure EWG will give green light for 7,5 bil. Some sticking points that could b moved on 2nd disbursement in fall

new tax arrears at 694 mln in Apr & at 4.33 bln ytd. Total (legacy & new) stock at 88 bln.