Thursday, June 9, 2016

Economic News , Data & Views ( June 9 , 2016 ) Overview For Thursday ( 1. Markets : Bond Yields Keep Falling Globally , NIRP Keeps Becoming NIRP-IER ; NYSE: 72% Of Stocks > 200-day Moving Average, Most Since July 2014 ; Crude Oil & Oil Producers In Focus . 2. Greece - Creditor Talks Status Update . Industrial Actions , Protest , Economy In General . 3. France - UBER , Strikes , Euro 2016 & Terrorism In Focus . 4. Odds & Ends. )

Market & Market Moving News....

Because markets are machine driven anyway these days....

10y German Bund yields hit fresh life-time low at 0.023% as growth concerns revive and long-dated Bunds are scarce.

The Swiss 30-year bond yield is 7 bps away from going negative. The US 3-month t-bill has a higher yield...

New 52-week lows in 10-year yields today in most of Europe, South Korea, and Australia. The race to negative yields.

The negative yield matrix getting redder by the day...

The selling continues: Per BofA, $2.6bn in equity outflows in latest week which explains the near all time highs

Apparently no one whatsoever is buying this market that magically keeps going up

NYSE: 72% of stocks are above their 200-day moving average, most since July 2014.

Watch: Raises $2.5 Billion From First Foreign Bond In 20 Years via


Next steps ratification by 4 national parliaments & approval of disbursement by & on Jun 16.

Finally the gave the 1st green light for the disbursement of 7.5 bil to .

and employees to continue striking, trade unionist says after meeting ministers

Controversy over "Resign"protest. Of course the Minister's comments just elevated the significance of the protest.

refugees in Deverni warehouse, Greece, EU. Huge assistance & protection needs + relocation should be fast

Looks like focus is providing tranche payment before June 23rd referendum vote by UK voters.

industrial production rebounds 2.8 pct in April

CPI falls at decelerating pace of 0.9 pct in May

rate eases to 24.1 pct in Ma, lowest in four years


Belgium approves extradition of suspect Mohamed Abrini to France

French Gov't in a tizzy as strikers gear up to throttle France as Euro 2016 set to begin..

Fan zones in spotlight as terrorism fears hang over Euro 2016

. suffers legal setbacks in France and Germany

Odds & Ends ......

And more disruptions: Brazil 24-Hour Oil Strike Seeks to Partially Halt Output: Union

This will continue to fester. Hungary has made its position clear , despite Austria believes Hungary should do.

Another positive development in the fight against ISIS-terror group appears to retreating from stronghold in Libya.

A positive development. .

. suggests threat by Saudis to defund "many UN programs" contributed to his decision to remove them from child-killer list of shame

Taking Saudi-led coalition off UN's annual child-killers list of shame was 'most painful and difficult' decision, says.

has freed 344 square kilometers of territory from ISIS near Manbij —


Customers depositing more money on Starbucks cards than numerous US Banks have on deposit !

Italy looks into reports it got wrong man in refugee smuggling swoop


We are supporting the rebels with weapons, airstrikes, and military advisers -Jean-Yves le Drian- French Def Min.

Police officer slaps Syrian refugee children, kicks them out of free food line in Turkey’s east - RIGHTS via

Polling for Spain RE-Run Election - No clear path to forming Gov't visible.

Hopefully , liquidity crisis will start to be alleviated...

After threats by Southerners to cut water, theres been decrease in hours of powercuts.Is this how works?