Friday, June 10, 2016

Economic News , Data & Views ( June 10 , 2016 ) Quick Hits (1. Markets : Bond Markets At Center Court - Falling Yields For Safe Sovereigns , NIRP-Land News , Impetus For Bond Buying Insurrections - Brexit / China / Economic Data ; Deutsche Bank Falling Again ; US Industrial Production Data and U Michigan Consumer Sentiment Reports Out ; Crude Oil Items - US Rig Count + 3 , Oil Demand Up , Oil Price Speculation - Options On 100 Dollar Oil Getting A Play 2. Brexit Items De Jour . 3. Odds & Ends. )

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Another reason for why bond yields are falling. China about to become problematic !

ECB are going to have to change rules - or else QE is going to come to a very , very abrupt end !

German 10y Bund yields closed at 0.02%, briefly dropped below 1bp. But see you on Monday for ZERO?

There is no impossible in markets. NEW POST.

Chart: The 10yr JGB yield -

Chart: The 10yr Bund yield below 2 basis points; just unreal -

Chart: The Swiss 30yr government bond yield is now 7 basis points. Incredible.

EU banks are burning alive. is one of the many victims of . Trading 18% below '08 lows. Eighteen percent.

Deutsche Bank shares drop another 4% in tandem w/ lower 10y Bund yields.

Chart: Italian bank shares down 5% on the day, the lowest level in 2 years -

Greek Banks On Cusp Of Improved Liquidity Conditions - -is that why they are down 10% today?

A whistle-blower is understood to be helping U.S. inquiry into Deutsche Bank trading

Buba's Weidmann: CenBanks can't ignore financial stability implications of actions as >75% of German bund yields neg

| Industrial production...

UMich: "A sustained reduction in the pace of job creation could prompt consumers to hold down spending"

UMich: "consumers do not think the economy is as strong as it was last year"

Chart: Crude oil down 3% on the day -

prices plunge as US rig count showed that some drillers were returning to mkt at current levels. Rig count +3.

Another consultant ups its 2016 demand forecast on the back of US gasoline and : JBC Energy sees now 1.4m b/d y-on-y growth

How Far Can Rally? Options Investors Bet on Surge Above $100 via


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Andrew Neil Interviews Farage...

Second poll showing substantial lead for Leave. Leave in front by 6 % .

this will be the narrative all weekend


Labor fighting itself , regarding where to stand on Brexit.

Media Gives Blanket Coverage To 'Remain' Defector, Silence On Three Declaring For ‘Leave’

Not a chance...

No visa free deal by July 1st , check announced to Erdogan.

48 % of Germans have an unfavorable view of the EU ! GERM-XIT ?

Global free fall: Safe haven rush spurs record low yields in , U.K. and . (via BBG)

Why Remain is panicking? Intriguing conversation between , and

Odds & Ends.....

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.: 2000 migrants/refugees rescued by off 's coast yesterday Thursday. 800 rescued Wednesday.

An England fan emerges from the tear gas during clashes with police in Marseille.

At WH Briefing, portrays ISIL in decline: cites morale plummeting, executing their own fighters.

NEW MAP: captured gas field & junction from and are now 20km from Airbase.

‘Do I need to get killed?’ CHP leader blasts - POLITICS via

There are only a couple of scenarios to avoid impasse , however , same scenarios were presented after last election.

Privatization offices blocked by strikers...

20 percent of flights cancelled due to ongoing pilots strike...