Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Economic News , Data & Views ( June 8 , 2016 ) Quick Hits For Wednesday ( 1. Markets : US High Yield Bond Index Hits Latest All Time High ; Global Equity Returns In US Dollars And Local Currencies ; Deutsche Bank Chief Economist Calls Out ECB Policies As Death Star For EU Project ; Draghi As Pilot Of Death Star Fires First Corp Bond Purchases Salvos ; Commerzbank Considers Hoarding Billions To Avoid ECB Charges On Deposits ; & More Items Of Note 2. UK Referendum - Andrew Neal Interviews George Osborne ; 3. MENA Updates - Iraq , Syria , Libya , Turkey & Saudi Arabia Highlights . 4. Odds & Ends )

Markets & Market Moving News....

La Belle Dame Sans Regrets....

US High Yield Bond Index hit a new all-time high today, vertical rally of over 15% from its lows a few months back.

Global Equity returns in US Dollars and Local Currencies...

The 's policies threaten to unravel the EU project, Deutsche chief economist warns.

Draghi fires starting gun on corp bond purchases in Europe. RWE among those bought by .

Commerzbank considers hoarding billions to avoid charges.

MUST READ: suffers the biggest annual demand drop in history: via

Asia overnight , Europe & US markets today.

Brexit .....

Andrew Neal interviews George Osborne "Leave or Remain" series. Part 1 of 2.

Part 2 of 2 Andrew Neal interview of George Osbourne.

Europhiles beware, the voters you're relying on are drifting towards Brexit | via MUST READ

: voter registration website crashes prompting calls for deadline extension

MENA Round Up .....

Make Someone Happy ,,,

PM Abadi starts process of reforms...

Here are key points of interest for across the region of and during the fight against

terrorists facing pressure on multiple fronts collapse on line overnight. Supply line from Marea to reopened.

Like it or not , General Haftar is a force to be reckoned with in Libya.

Fayez Serraj on migrants: They cannot live with us, should be returned to country of origin not

Incredible work..

Libya is key jumping off point presently..

Busy day..

Almost daily attacks in Turkey...

have entered the town of it's confirmed by and

Looks like fake passports not just generated in Turkey , Malta as well ...

Italy becoming focal point for Refugee arrivals in 2016....

Allies of Saudi Arabia pressured Ban Ki-moon , Riyadh threatened to cut Palestinian aid & funds to other UN programs

Odds & Ends....

How Love should Be....

China May inflation (Y/Y) CPI 2.0% (est 2.2%, prev 2.3%) PPI -2.8% (-3.2%, -3.4%) Food +5.9% Non-food +1.1%

effects likes decimated JGB yields, surging yen and a mutinous banking sector *BOJ NAKASO: NEGATIVE RATE POLICY HAS BEEN PRODUCING EFFECTS

Publication of George Orwell's "1984." June 8, 1949.

JAPAN APRIL CORE MACHINE ORDERS FALL 11.0% M/M. Someone please put abenomics out of its misery

Bank of Korea unexpectedly cuts policy rate to record low 1.25%

Louvre Museum reopens as France flood damage bill tops €1bn

Something to follow in locations where 15 per hour has been implemented , to see whether reality tracks the concern.

The demise of an global investment bank in one chart: Deutsche Bank's market cap now below that of Danske's.

German yields now out to 5yrs < depo rate of -0.4% so can only buy longer-dated Bunds. 10y yields will go to 0.

Greece’s workers and society boil over additional austerity & more income cuts

Brain drain of educated youth - startling numbers since 2011..

Turkey seems really optimistic EU WILL bow down...ball in the court of EU...

AP warns reporters to “practice situational awareness”—fearing attacks from Sanders fanatics

Hillary takes big prizes yesterday of New Jersey and California. Democrat Primary season is a wrap.