Friday, June 3, 2016

Economic News , Data & Views ( June 3, 2016 ) Overview For Friday ( 1. Market & Market Moving News - US Key Report - Non Farm Payroll Shocks Badly , Way Off Estimates With Last Two Months Revised Downward. 2. Bond Market Roiled By NFP Report - De-Risk & Safety Havens In Play. 3. Gold Has A Shiny Day , After NFP Shocker. Deutsche Bank In The News And For All The Wrong Reasons. 4. Following Safe Haven Theme , Bitcoin Continues To Rip Higher. 5. CRB Index At 6 Month High , On Heels Of USD Slumping. 6.France In Focus - Fierce Flooding Matches Fierce Protests. 7. Refugee Crisis Updates - Global 30,000 Foot View. )

Markets & Market Moving News.....

BLS reported 38,000 jobs added for May.Household survey showed 26,000 jobs added for May. Both March/April revised《.

June Fed hike chances plummet after today's NFP report...

USD Emerging Market Bond ETF at new all-time highs. Annualized Total Return since inception in Dec '07: +6.4%.

USD Emerging Market Bond ETF at new all-time highs. Annualized Total Return since inception in Dec '07: +6.4%.

Goldman flags $1 Trillion reason for Fed to go slow on rates.

Bond Traders Wipe June Fed Hike Off Table on Job-Market Stunner.

Mad world: Government bond yields in US, Germany, UK drop like a stone.

Deutsche Bank IT glitch leaves customers without cash.

DB flashing red , default risk highest among big banks , due to NIRP & low interest rates.

Deutsche Bank gets hammered again amidst market turmoil. Drops another 3%

's 10y yields drop below 0.10%, first time since Apr as investors de-risk.

The latest Bitcoin Price Index is 570.93 USD

Biggest winner of the chaos at Forex and Bond markets: Gold jumps by >2% after dismal US jobs data.

CRB Commodity Index at a 6-month high with the Dollar Index on pace for its biggest decline in 2016 (-1.6%).

French Protest Ongoing .......


France sees fresh protests over planned labor reforms

France Hit By Massive  Flooding ....

Note - the main devastation caused by the flooding has been outside the capital.

Refugee Crisis ....

Something to keep the eyes on..

Refugees search for safe passage to Greece

Bulgaria-Turkey deal would see migrants caught in Bulgaria returned to Turkey if proof that's where they came from

EU Civil Protection Mechanism: Assistance Offered & Delivered in Greece

Latest , almost daily refugee catastrophe on the Mediterranean. ..

Mediterranean Update 3 June 205,509 arrivals by sea in 2016 2,443 dead/missing

“The decision to taken because home is no longer safe, or because hope is extinguished”

A UN flowchart for refugees reveals how complicated it is to apply to asylum via

Iraq: Anbar; 28,000 people displaced since 1 March; 50,000 civilians trapped in Fallujah

Those fleeing take almost nothing but risk everything: via

Fake lifejackets play a role in refugee drownings in the Mediterranean; via

"This Is What It’s Like To Be Trapped On Europe’s Doorstep,” by via

Seems it was a bad night at the Moria refugee camp/hotspot on Lesvos. Reports of several injured