Sunday, June 12, 2016

Economic News , Data & Views ( June 12 , 2016 ) Quick Hits For Sunday ( 1. Brexit Highlights - A Variety Of Points Of View , Sunday News , Polling Data. 2. Refugee Crisis / Economic Migration - Items De Jour. 3. Greece Items In The News. 4. Odds & Ends - Potential Terror Shooting In Orlando with 50 Dead So Far , Crude & Energy News De Jour. . )

Sunday, June 12, 2016


Sunday Times reports leaked report to all more than 1m Turks to enter (incl. UK). To be announced after June 23

Edi Truell said he will only donate if Boris Johnson or Michael Gove take over from Mr Cameron after a Brexit vote.

The British pound and the euro fell to their lowest level since 2013 against the yen on worries RE : UK referendum

There seems to be strong support for single market access with free movement in case of Brexit

By far the most thoughtful case for Brexit I've read. And certainly acknowledging the risks.

LEAKED CABLE: Diplomats believe 1.8 million Kosovans "drop in the ocean" compared to Turkey

The full documents from Sunday Times story will shortly be posted on our website

has the potential to cause havoc well beyond the borders of the U.K.

British crave more autonomy from EU as vote nears

Daily Express reporting a new poll from Opinium which shows a huge lead for Leave Leave - 52% Remain - 33% Don't Know - 15%

David Cameron: ‘I’ll pull UK out of the single market after Brexit

David Cameron’s Brexit threat to pensioners is a new low

Cameron issues Brexit warning on pensions

Top pensions advisor voting ..

Britain faces seven years of limbo after Brexit, says Donald Tusk via

Tusks warns process could last 7 years , how long has the bailout of Greece taken so far ?

GBP futures spec net short highest in 3 years, prepared for Brexit.

Tory MPs refuse to sign letter urging DC to stay if he loses the referendum, according reports in the Sunday Times.

Impact on the economy still number one issue, not for confirmed Leavers - immigration, but is for Don't knows:

Seems like the public grasps the issue and understands what might need to occur - after June 23rd.....

Refugee Crisis.....

Over 3,000 migrants rescued at sea in 72 hours, says Italian coast guard

More than 2,500 migrants were rescued off the coast of Sicily over the weekend in 20 separate operations...

& sign agreement to enhance capacity to save ' lives at sea

Will rescued refugees be returned to Libya? Mogherini says no. But what will happen to them?

Refugees: Waiting for eviction from Greece's Hara Hotel reports from Evzoni

Immigrants being smuggled from to West of before taking the dangerous sea to .

Project underway to pre-register thousands of stranded refugees, many with expired documents

Hope lost in , some Syrians pay smugglers to get home

Nikos Kotzias: Greece Has Requested a Plan B from the EC Regarding the Refugee Issue


Changes to constitution deserve full attention

Organizers of anti-gov’t protest defend motives

poll [Kapa Research/]: ND 20.8 Syriza 17.3 GD 5.9 KKE 5.1 PASOK + allies 5 EK 3.1 ANEL 2.3 Plefsi 2.2 Potami 2 Undecd 32.4

Odds & Ends......

What We Know About Omar Mateen, Suspected Orlando Night Club Shooter - ABC News - via

Omar Mateen, Terrorist Who Attacked Orlando Gay Club, Had Been Investigated by FBI via

Mateen's parents Afghan, he was "on the radar" of U.S. officials for some time, but was not the target of a specific investigation.1

"We do have suggestions individual may have leanings towards Islamic extremism. But right now we can’t say definitively,2


50 people are dead. 53 are injured.

Death toll in attack will be at least 30, see my earlier tweet of 10 dead in the ER.

Key points "leaning toward radical islam" , shooter was wearing a suicide vest as well. Holy cow....

Further information on Orlando...

exported in May more than 2m b/d of crude for the 2nd consecutive month ( is up to April)

natural prices (monthly average) drop below $4 per mBtu for first time since Sep 2004