Saturday, June 11, 2016

Economic News , Data & Views ( June 11 , 2016 ) Quick Hits For Saturday June 11th ( 1. Brexit - Twelve Days Before The Historic Vote , A Range Of Items Touching On The UK Referendum. 2. Markets / Market Moving Items - Articles , Charts , Data. 3.Greece In Focus - Updates On Creditor Talks , More Prior Actions , Refugee Matters Touching On Greece. 4. Refugee Crisis/ Migration Items De Jour. 5. Odds & Ends. )


Expats in face uncertain future

Germany’s Der Spiegel on Saturday begged Britons to stay in the European Union-less than 2 weeks before referendum

You are seeing more businessmen speak up for Brexit - on this occasion , James Dyson.

Employees told nothing to fear from Brexit....

Bank of England set to comment , warning that Brexit would hamper it from achieving inflation targets.

The more Tony Blair speaks out for Remain , the further Remain will sink in polling....

Fear-mongering hasn't worked , that point hasn't sunk in yet.

Personal attacks aren't going to cut it. Imo.

Second poll showing substantial lead for Leave. Leave in front by 6 % .

Panic is the word for the weekend.....

this will be the narrative all weekend

Imagine that ?

Markets / Market Moving News.....

Good morning from Berlin. Global stocks lost $359bn in mkt cap this week as investors de-risk ahead of vote.

Chart of doom. Bond yields in free fall as global economy angst and fears take grip on sentiment.

Oops! Two weeks to go, chill starts to be felt. (via FXBuzz)

China bubble about to burst? urges to tackle ‘high’ corporate debt immediately.


15 more prior actions must be pushed into law (over coming months) , all actions by October-to get 2.8 BN tranche.

A new “dedicated account” required to receive B.O funds...

So far the Greece asylum committee has ruled on 55 cases out of 57 that it does not consider Turkey a safe country.

ANEL Junior Government Partner Says Greek Reforms are Unconstitutional

Greece and Turkey GDP (PPP) 1980 Greece: $82 billion Turkey: $117 billion 2014 Greece: $271 billion Turkey: $1.219 trillion

Refugee Crisis.....

Some refugees abandoning the dream and paying smugglers to get them back to Syria.

2016 data....

Meanwhile, currently conducting its second rescue of the day.

140 rescued incl. 48 women, 7 month old baby & 2 paraplegics. Total of 270 now aboard. providing post-rescue care

: has just coordinated rescue of 6 vessels in distress. 720 people in total. More details to follow.

: has completed a operation, another 130 people saved in the

Greece to be Invited to Second Western Balkans Conference in Vienna

Home to thousands of refugees, an aerial view of in Kenya, where UN is visiting today.

Odds & Ends.....

my friends in say banks have signs of "No money" on main doors

Clashes all fronts East, West & South, heavy clashes within the city of - suggestions city will be liberated within days/hrs.

Map showing progress of offensive against IS in Libya in recent weeks.

FinMin loses National Coalition Party leadership to . Orpo expected to replace Stubb at Finance Ministry post too

Stall ball , "doing whatever it takes" to block progress of the recall referendum ....

Liberation on Port of Sirte ( not Sirte itself ) allegedly has occurred...

ISIS is getting clobbered. Rats always jump off the sinking ship and ISIS is sinking fast.

Complexities indeed...

EU banks are burning alive. is one of the many victims of . Trading 18% below '08 lows. Eighteen percent.

Protest in front of JumhuriyaBank in . Besieged by citizens in need of cash, bank temporarily closed its doors

There is no way out of