Sunday, May 15, 2016

Economic News & Views ( May 15 , 2016 ) Overview for Sunday ( 1. Updates Touching On Refugee Crisis Facing Europe , EU- Turkey Deal Status. 2. UK Referendum , Leave vs Remain Items. 3 Greece Creditor Talks Updates , Greece Politics , Economic Data. )

EU-Turkey / Refugee Crisis ......

Bozkır said he expects the delegation head to clarify the situation or do "what is necessary."

Here's what caused stir - Touching on the 72 benchmarks Turkey has to fulfill for visa liberalization , 1

Haber said the benchmarks were clear since 2013. "We have a proverb, 'starting like a Turk, finishing like a German.' 2

The opposite happened here," he said. 3

Turkish police blocked entry to a party meeting that threatened Erdogan's presidential plans:

German politicians say Merkel left EU exposed to Turkish blackmail

Report on Italian asylum system....

Wolfgang Schäuble proposed the tax on EU petrol sales to pay for costs of securing Schengen Area’s external borders

Bundestag will vote on deeming Armenian massacre a genocide, poking the Turkish bear & threatening EU-Turkey deal

Syrian Humanitarian Response Plan is only 14.2% funded US$2.7bn still needed via

Merkel's "Deal with the Devil".

Kenya cites EU blocking Syrian refugees among reasons for plan to deport Somali


Trump says "Brexit" won't impact a UK-US trade deal:

Brexit minister accuses Bank of England of 'dangerous intervention' - via


Two conditions : no nominal debt haircut ; Greece complies to agreed reforms. As per Pierre Mosovici.

The Sooner this Government Leaves, the Better for this Place, Main Opposition Leader Mitsotakis Says

State Minister Pappas Optimistic an Agreement Can be Reached on May 24

Labor Min Katrougalos Rules Out Mass Layoffs

Turkish 'power struggle' affecting Greece, says Kotzias

Commission VP Dombrovskis: We didn’t Ask Greek Govt to Raise Taxes

SYRIZA 20 Points Down in Thessaloniki Poll

BoG governor calls for lower primary surplus target, debt relief measures

Q1 GDP -0.4 pct QoQ & -1.3 pct YoY, broadly in line with estimates

gov’t showed strong preference towards increasing taxes vs cost savings VP Dombrovskis told (via )

Conclusion of review cld unlock €9-11 bln (via ), gov't to use funds for clearance of arrears (€6.67 bln).

U.S. Treasury Under Secretary Calls for Greek Debt Relief

Greek Govt Concerned Over EU-Turkey Migrant Deal