Saturday, May 14, 2016

Economic News & Views ( May 14 , 2016 ) Overview For Saturday ( 1. Venezuela Literally Is Falling Apart In Front Of Our Eyes. 2. Brazil's First Female President Has Been Suspended Facing An Impeachment Trial , Brazil Faces Myriad Challenges In The Months Ahead. 3. Argentina - Former President Kirchner Charged With Defrauding The State. 4. Greece In Focus - Germany Rejects Capped Interest Rates, Open To Discuss Greece’s Debt Relief After 2018. 5. Spain Updates - Huge Tire Dump Fire , Politics. 6. Turkey - EU Refugee Deal Updates. 7. Odds & Ends. )


U.S. concern grows over possible Venezuela meltdown - officials | Reuters

Postcards from a failing state

Watch: president declares 60-day state of emergency

Chinese bullet train in Venezuela stalls as strategic alliance derails. Untold story of a mass ransacking via


Lots & lots of things to resolve indeed....

Sounding off On global Zika concerns....

Brazil's acting president used to be US intel informant -

Brazil's new rulers, rich, white, conservative and in trouble

Brazil: Interim President Michel vows to restore economic growth

Will Michel Temer be able to enact reforms and stabilise Brazil’s crumbling economy?


Former President Kirchner caught up in scandal....

Ex-Argentine President Cristina charged with defrauding the state

Yes, central banks can create inflation, says. Just ask Argentina

From Europe........


Here we go .... Greece will not accept a bailout deal without a concrete agreement for debt relief - Nikos Pappas.1

Nikos Pappas, Greece’s Minister of State , also said “No more kicking the can down the road.” 2

Germany rejects capped interest rates, open to discuss Greece's Debt Relief after 2018: According to German w...

Debt relief deal should help Greece access debt markets 'within next year': deputy PM: ATHENS (Reuters) – Gre...

Greece wants a debt relief deal which will help the country access debt markets in 2017 and allow for...

The calls on Euro fin mins to okay debt relief for , because otherwise "its crisis will never end"

Done deal! 's bonds show sign of hope before decision on bailout payment

Will Greece get QE and no capital controls instead of debt relief? -


Illegal dumping site bursts into flames in Spain, forcing 9,000 people to flee their homes

173 rescued migrants, including 17 children, brought to port in Palermo by Spain's Rio Segura.

Why are police in Barcelona getting so angry about a poem by hipster hero Charles Bukowski?

Turkey - EU Refugee Deal / Refugee Crisis Updates...........

Past week - 100-120 migrants and refugees landing on Aegean islands. Arrivals were almost non-existent 1 -

when implementation of the agreement between Ankara and the European Union to curb the refugee flow was working smoothly. 2

For various reasons-the # of registered migrants increases by 100 daily-who will be stranded if EU-Turkey Deal implodes.3

Asylum seekers "disappearing " has happened before , will continue to happen as long as asylum system is broken.

"This statement was nothing more than a press communique"- parliament lawyer told MEPs in civil liberties committee

Is the EU planning another dirty deal with Turkey to accommodate Erdogan's refusal to reform the terrorism laws?

EU 'failing' to stop smugglers in Med, putting refugees at greater risk: UK parliamentarians

Big expenditure !

Expert-level talks ongoing in Brussels to overcome terror impasse with Turkey: EU envoy

Merkel's Deal w/ Turkey in danger as numbers of refugees who crossed see to Greek collapsed.

EU should support Turkey's fight against terrorism - by İbrahim Kalın | DS Column

Suitcases at the ready, Syrian refugees await collapse of EU-Turkey deal |Today's Front Page

Odds & Ends.....

The says avoid impoverished, over-crowded areas. There's no crowds at Olympics and no Rio favelas? Massive fail

I'll just leave this cutting from today's Times here...

Project Fear has spit the bit.

Germans increasingly wary of proposed pact , 2/3 of French people wary that gov't won't defend country’s interests

Moody's downgrades Saudi Arabia's to A1 from Aa3 as oil has led to a material deterioration.

’s econ loses momentum in Apr. Industrial output, retail and investment miss estimates

The price for populism? outlook cut by Moody’s but Second-Ever downgrade avoided.

Good morning from Berlin. The 'Sell In May Attitude' continues. Markets has lost another $300bn in mkt cap this week

China April Industrial Output Rises 6.0% Y/y; Est. +6.5%

In Japan’s economic extremity, few ideas are too extreme via