Sunday, May 1, 2016

Economic News & Views ( May 1 , 2016 ) Overview For Sunday ( 1. Latest Items Touching On Refugee/ Economic Migration / Border Security Concerns. 2. Spain Political Updates & Journalist Protests. 3. Brexit Items For Sunday. 4. Iraq In Focus - After Tumult Of Saturday , What's Next For Iraq's Gov't ? 5. Additional MENA/ Turkey Items De Jour. )

Refugee / Economic Migration Crisis - Border Security Concerns ....

Ankara's view-Turkey has kept its end of deal , EU must agree to Turks visa free travel even if 72 conditions unmet

Another tragedy...

Swedish prime minister, Stefan Löfven, announces plan for 5,000 new emergency jobs for new arrivals to the country.

Several European nations want border control extensions because of the migrant crisis via

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 German government official said the request was a joint initiative by Germany, France, Austria, Belgium, Denmark and Sweden and the letter would be sent to Brussels on Monday.   



MEPs and diplomats say that if Turkey fails to meet all of the required criteria — which include guarantees to protect civil liberties — they will exercise their legislative power to deny visa liberalization. For its part, Turkey has already said that lifting the restrictions before June is a non-negotiable part of its controversial agreement to stem the flow of refugees into the EU.


Unless somebody backs down, that means the EU’s whole deal with Ankara — pushed by Angela Merkel, hashed out in difficult negotiations with the European Commission and other EU leaders, and now vigorously defended by Council President Donald Tusk — could unravel altogether.

Negligence , mismanagement of crisis - criminals always will take advantage of opportunities presented.

Mystery of the ghost boat and 500 refugees deaths

20 Syrians readmitted to Turkey under the EU migrant deal , 110 Syrians sent to Europe for resettlement.

Looks like Europe set to bow once again to Turkey's demands ( this time visa free travel. )


One would think the party in power for this stint of joblessness , would bear the brunt of electoral rebuke.

El País says it could happen, ABC says it won't happen, and La Sexta says it has already happened.

El País Metroscopia poll suggests a joint Podemos-United Left electoral list could beat PSOE for second place at new election.


Leave has 3 point lead in new ICM poll...

ICM poll: Which issues will affect how you vote in ? Immigration: 45% Economy: 36% Sovereignty: 32% Nat'l Security: 28% Trade: 25%


Pulling out.....for now ! Back next Friday though.

Temporary exit ? The people would exit ... out of respect for a Shi'ite Muslim pilgrimage underway in the capital...

Map locating in southern Iraq where twin suicide car bomb blasts Sunday killed at least 33 people

Dozens Injured in Southern Iraq car

Prime Minister Haidar al-Abadi & political leaders plan to meet on Sunday , as Iraq slides toward greater turmoil.

Iraq's Prime Minister has ordered the arrest of Shia Muslim activists who stormed parliament in Baghdad on Saturday.

Additional Items For MENA / Turkey ......

Turkey realises Syrian refugees are staying

UPDATE: Two officers killed in bomb attack on Gaziantep police HQ in Turkey's southeast

Terror doesn't rest...

Yemen govt suspends 'direct' talks with Houthi rebels

BREAKING: bombing targeted the governor and the security chief of the city

Aden, . The Mother of All GCC Catastrophes, sans Libya.

forces seize Al Qaida training camp in Hadramout

Yemen's Houthis seize military base, endangering peace talks