Monday, May 2, 2016

Economic News , Data & Views ( May 2 , 2016 ) Overview For Monday ( 1. Markets - Yen / Nikkei Correlation Chart , Japan's Abe Sends Up Flare For Help To G-7 On "Flexible Budget Rules " . 2. S&P 500 Charts { S&P Sales Growth YoY & S&P Operating Earnings YoY. } 3. Draghi Explains NIRP Consequences to German Savers. 4. Spain - Journalist / Media Strikes , Political State Of Play. 5. Refugee Crisis / Economic Migration / Border Security - Items For Monday. 6. Odds & Ends. )


When you put all of your eggs into debasing your currency, you better make sure it keeps going down.

ABE: G-7 MUST HELP WORLD ECONOMY WITH `FLEXIBLE' BUDGET RULES. Japan won't do anything without G-7/20 preapproval first

There's a sense of anxiety spreading in the public about the fact the BOJ is implementing these abnormal policies,"

With 73% of companies reported, S&P 500 sales growth on pace for a 1% YoY gain, its first YoY increase since Q4 '14.

With 73% of companies reported, S&P 500 operating earnings down 3% over the past yr, the 6th consecutive YoY decline

ECB's Draghi says German savers can't expect returns while current account surplus that high


COUNTDOWN: Unidad Editorial journos and staff to strike from 7 a.m.

STRIKE: El Mundo, Expansión + Marca will not go to print on Wed.

PSOE discussion probably the most interesting aspect of this article.

Refugee Crisis / Economic Migration / Border Security  ......
Greece still has ‘some deficiencies’ in border management, EC says

Number of refugees in Greece not decreasing...

Nearly 90,000 unaccompanied minors sought asylum in EU in 2015

Huge , unsafe refugee camp evacuated in France...

Something to ponder regarding ongoing refugee / economic migration crisis still unfolding.

An important offering from John Ward to read !

As expected , various EU countries seek to extend border controls.

Odds & Ends........

Arabia repeats warning over proposed 9/11 law.

Libya's central Mediterranean route to EU doesn't seem to be used as much by Syrian refugees

Process outlined to seek a referendum on Maduro.

This is a major concern...

Sacked workers set fire to buses in Arabia

Kerry said nearing agreement on measures to expand syia cessation to aleppo, including more staffing for US Russia monitoring cell in Geneva

Sadr protesters seek new elections and essentially the resignation of the key political leaders.

Shrouded negotiations brought into the light..

Puerto Rico Default . Of $423 million pending, Gov't will pay $22 MN in interest. Credit unions agreed to defer $33 million to May 2017.

EU floats trial balloon on its "Superstate" Ambitions . Juncker also wants an EU Army.