Saturday, April 30, 2016

Economic News & Views ( April 30 , 2016 ) Overview For Saturday ( 1. Sadr Threatens To Destroy Iraq Gov't And Shortly Thereafter Green Zone Stormed -- Iraq Political Situation Hitting Critical Point Due To : Cabinet Reshuffle Standoff & Endless Political Infighting ; Budgetary & Financial Problems ; Suppression Of Social Media and Traditional Media Such As Al Jazeera. 2. Quicks Hits From Around Europe. 3. Quick Hits From US And Puerto Rico. 4. Odds & Ends . )


Protesters now in Council of Ministers...... in Green Zone.

PM Building sees protesters outside...

Iraqi protesters start a sit-in demonstration in Ihtifalat Square ....

Rudaw reporter: Angry protesters are very close to the PM office building

..Rudaw reporter: 70 Kurdish and Sunni MPs arrive in Erbil tonight as protesters occupy Iraqi parliament building in Baghdad

Protesters now enter gov't apartments for international guests...

From : Reports of officials or anyone else seeking refuge at the US emb are false.

Iraqi MPs we are speaking to are all pretty terrified. Some still trapped inside parliament. Laying the blame on Abadi.

In Iraq, the PM&President are not elected directly. Only Parliament is directly elected. If it's HQ is violated, whole of system attacked

If Abadi survives storming of Green Zone,means new deal between rivals struck. Image of Iraqi PM in Baghdad vital to show not total collapse

In Saddam's time, filming area of govt was banned. Since 2003, filming of most of Green Zone also banned. Today that ban was broken

Sharqiya news reports that Iraqi PM stated he "allowed" protestors to storm Green Zone- trying to claim still in control

Rudaw reporter: Special forces deployed around the national banks in Baghdad

Correspondent: Iraqi PM, speaker are in Baghdad’s Green Zone

PM Abadi walking in Green Zone....

Update on MP Ashwaq Jaff trapped inside ’s parliament, she is currently protected by security forces.

outside of parliament says: “Protesters have kissed us, given us flowers, it’s very peaceful.”

forces are outside of parliament, they’re telling us they will protect civilians and their right to protest.

Hundreds of protesters storm Baghdad's Green Zone, enter parliament

"This choice is for the nation" says al-Awadi, a member of the parliamentary team from the Movement

full coverage inside the parliament

Shiite pilgrims targeted in deadly Baghdad car bombing

. storming of parliament and green zone by Sadr's supporters

This seems like the last thing Iraq needs right now...

“I am promising you that I will not make any agreements with other politicians.I work for the benefit of the nation"

Security failure as Green Zone stormed and Parliament breached !

A good number of protestors were able to storm the Parliament building in the Green Zone after the session did not take place.

Iraq protesters storm Green Zone in Baghdad - protests over Iraq political standoff become combustive...

: Thousands of protesters break into 'Green Zone' (); more as we get it.

Al Jazeera insider told MEE the network had been "caught in the crossfire" of the chaos engulfing Iraq's politics

False reports on Iraq Facebook accts may be partially to blame for over 60 deaths / fighting between Kurds and Shia:

Al Jazeera in Iraq closing.But more controversial, Al Bashir political satire show ("Iraq's Jon Stewart") is banned:


20 Syrians readmitted to Turkey under the EU migrant deal , 110 Syrians sent to Europe for resettlement.

Austria also to seek extension on Border controls....

EU citizens moving to Germany could be shut out from welfare payments for five years under a draft law.

AfD party congress starts in Stuttgart despite demonstrations

An EU without Schengen? Feels a bit strange but works, at least here in Nice.

Austria in EU talks to extend border controls

Austria ups pressure on Italy with Brenner Pass threat

Germany to ask European Commission to allow extension of border controls

Refugees rescued on Greek Island of Samos....

Greece submits new border security plan......

It has now become a socio-economic as well as a political issue....

Lisbon taxi drivers' Uber protest brings traffic to a crawl

German Economy Minister Gabriel's trip draws criticism at home

AfD party congress starts in Stuttgart despite demonstrations

NPL agreement reached between Greece & Creditors

without any income criteria, according to local media citing Econ Min sources.

US and Puerto Rico ......

PR needs:1-Debt restructuring,2-fiscal reforms,3-health/nutrition/social program parity,4-economic development resources

Despite Gov't seeking a solution with creditors, completely preventing a default is likely not "achievable."

Statement of Puerto Rico Govt Development Bank re deal with PR coops for $33M of debt service due May 1

. Secretary will discuss debt crisis

Donald Trump's slogan has a toxic past

'It's a steep climb,' says Kasich of his path to GOP presidential nomination

One poll seems like an outlier , but we shall see on Tuesday....

The latest polls in Indiana show in the lead, followed by .

FWIW - CNN piece on sense of gloom within Cruz camp regarding Indiana...

Updated Democratic delegate count. Need 2,383 to win. Clinton 2,165 Sanders 1,357

Brand new count updated after our team called every unbound delegate: Trump 996 Cruz 568 Rubio 167 Kasich 154 Uncommitted 58 Other 16

The non alliance Cruz says the media loves to talk about was announced simultaneously by the campaigns. Via press release.

NEW: Current estimate of the 54 Pennsylvania unbound delegates. Trump 40 Cruz 3 Kasich 0 Uncommitted 9 Unknown 2

Trump leads Cruz 40-3 in PA unbounds via . In perspective: cancels out more than what Cruz won at WY and CO state conventions combined

Odds & Ends...


Source: leadership evacuates from HQ's in , 131 prisoners moved to unknown locations outside of the city

: Eastern military forces also not making any moves to attack /Daesh in Sirte. NO ONE has shown any inclination to go to Sirte.

: Misrata forces are @ Abugrein to defend Misrata & secure the Sdada area, not to attack Sirte. Forces @ Jufra are there for the base.

The corrupt Central Bank of is being exposed. Time for change, as Libyans continue to suffer.

Sanallah: In the last 3 years we lost close to $75 billion up to April 2016 due to blockades at our oil ports and oil pipelines by militias

Sanallah: At present, over one million barrels per day of oil production is shut in for political reasons

Drissi: Militias have not withdrawn frm Tripoli but instead bn reappointed. Swehli & Makhzum control the , belittling the

MP Ibrahim al-Drissi withdraws from list of pro- signatories, accuses the 'other side' of not respecting the

Eastern govt wants to sack Libya UN ambassador after he takes side of UN-backed govt on oil tanker dispute.

Grab bag......

'No work, no money': Bleak prospects await Syrians returned to Turkey

Big victory for Rouhani's allies in Iran election second round: official results

Syria truce announced as violence escalates in Aleppo

Seven killed as apartment building in Nairobi's Huruma district collapses

Argentina: Thousands protest against job cuts

Isis-linked hackers release hit list of thousands of New Yorkers urging followers to target…

Qatar National Bank: How to check if you are in the leaked financial files