Saturday, April 23, 2016

Economic News & Views ( April 23 , 2016 ) Overview For Saturday ( 1. UK Referendum , Brexit , Obama Political Involvement Items. 2. Libya Updates For Saturday - Focus On Politics ( Domestic & International ) . 3. EU-Turkey Deal - "Merkel In The Middle" , Associated Concerns. 4. Greece Update - H/T Manos Giakoumis -- Q1 Final Budget Execution Figures - check the estimated savings and revenues data . 5. Odds & Ends. )

Cast of The Color Purple & Jennifer Hudson - Purple Rain tribute to Prince......


No one really took that show seriously , did they ?

. urges British youth to reject isolationist calls

By 41% to 28%, more Brits annoyed/angered by Obama on than pleased/inspired ( survey of 2,824 voters)

Spotlight: calls on Britons to stay in EU, gives trade warning against Brexit

Brits living in France are applying for French passports in case happens

Setting up the stage ... all systems go! .

2. deep scepticism of US officials on post-Brexit bilateral deal was being openly talked about at highest levels at the g20 in DC last week

Irish voters may sway the campaign. Here's why

Obama says would put U.K. at the back of line for trade deals with U.S.


- quoting the head of NOC says workers at Hraiga oil terminals refused to load a tanker contracted by NOC East.

Sure , why not sign a/o deal like the one with Turkey (fork over 6BN , give visa free travel too) What cld go wrong?

Report - clashes between IS and guards south of Brega oil terminal central Libya

UN envoy Kobler says security situation in has not improved, armed militias still in control of the city

UN envoy Kobler calls on Libyans to find a way to form a unified army, w/ participation of troops from east and west

UN envoy Kobler (Radio Sawa): There is a Libyan natl army under command of Gen. Haftar, but it does not represent an army for all Libya

EU-Turkey Deal.....

'sold out European security to ' over refugee deal: Hungarian PM Viktor Orban.

Merkel, EU officials arrive in Turkey's Gaziantep to discuss migrant crisis

Photo - Op over .......

Awaiting Merkel's photo-op at a refugee camp near the Syrian-Turkey border. But 90% of Syrians in Turkey are living in penury outside camps.

No chance of speaking to refugees at this junket. Went over to the fence they're all penned behind. Took 10 secs for police to wave me away.

Bruno Kramm was arrested for insulting Erdogan - quoted a line from the comic’s satirical poem slamming Erdogan.

Turkey thinks it's almost done with requirements. “There were 72 criteria, now it is down to a single-digit level.”

Europe disagrees - Marta Cygan told the E.P the same day that Turkey has met only 35 of 72 conditions entirely or almost entirely

Weakest link of the Turkey-EU visa deal: New passports - SERKAN DEMİRTAŞ via

Migrants, visas and press freedom - what will Merkel & Davutoglu be talking about in Turkey?

Angela Merkel and Donald Tusk will visit Turkey today in a bid to cement last month's fragile migration deal.

Freedom of speech overshadows 's refugee visit to

The politics of Angela Merkel’s trip to Turkey

Tensions over migrant deal as Merkel, EU officials head to Turkey

Merkel says EU-Turkey deal 'absolutely right and essential'

Greece .....

forecasts additional revenues of €362 mln from rise in contributions for supplementary pensions.

expects cost savings of €284 mln from cut in supplementary pensions.

estimates additional revenues of €137 & €112 mln by 2018 from change in contributions for self-employed & farmers.

gov’t estimates cost savings of 803 mln from abolition of solidarity grant (EKAS) by 2018.

expects additional annual revenues of €1.7 bln from changes in personal income tax and solidarity levy.

Q1 final budget execution figures just released!

Odds & Ends......

in Colombia: 3292 confirmed cases, 68660 suspected cases as Apr 23 per MOH; numbers & distribution

and neurological symptoms in Colombia: 462 total/304 GBS/4 Microcephaly cases reported by MOH on Apr 23

in the US: 427 cases with clusters in CA,FL,NY, TX per and state PHD as of Apr22 - slowing down?

Ecuador quake death toll rises to 646 as aftershocks continue to jolt the nation

Ecuador quake death toll rises to nearly 650

In latest escalation, North Korea test fires submarine-launched ballistic missile

At least 35,000 protest in Hanover a day before Obama visits Germany to promote TTIP

DETAILS: Multiple casualties, missing reported after explosion in France

*Iran to Resume Oil Exports to South Africa Post Sanctions: Shana. *Iran supplied 40% of South Africa’s oil needs before sanctions

As per Transport Min Dobrindt emissions irregularities in 16 brands, including Audi, Porsche, Daimler and Opel.

Open borders? may pave path to millions of Ukrainian

Rousseff will ask the Mercosur trade bloc to suspend Brazil’s membership in case of her impeachment - La Jornada