Sunday, April 24, 2016

Economic News , Data & Views ( April 24 , 2016 ) Overview - Sunday Quick Hits ( 1. Refugee Crisis Updates - Europe , Middle East and Africa In Focus. 2. Brexit - Pros and Cons , Sifting through Fog / Fear / Facts. 3. Greece Items Of Note - Non Refugee Items To consider . Odds & Ends. )

Refugee Crisis......

The G5 meeting will focus on the power vacuum in the Middle East and its impact on mass migration into Europe.

The luxury of geographic distance if not moral.

Europe's alleged mistreatment of refugees and violations of refugee protections , put on display.

Desperately overcrowded camps: Burundian refugees in Tanzania – in pictures

Czech Republic will send 30 police officers to Greece to halt influx

Europe's alleged mistreatment of refugees and violations of refugee protections , put on display.

Merkel: "In many ways, the EU is a destination for those refugees that do not enjoy peace and freedom at home."

Merkel seeks creation of "safe zones" to shelter refugees inside Syria

GREECE - A refugee man eats his dinner in a tent at a makeshift camp near Idomeni. By Joe Klamar


Obama claims post–Brexit trade deal between Britain and US could take TEN YEARS

Brexit would not damage military standing

"Is Brexit in America’s interest? With smart policies, the answer to that question is yes."

Social housing boost has Brexit warning

Whether it’s Brexit or remain, David Cameron is not going anywhere | Matthew d’Ancona


Business sector in Greece shrank by over 244,000 firms in just seven years

The Greek debt crisis was announced to the world 6 years ago….are we any nearer to ending it?

FinMin Tsakalotos Optimistic about a Reliable Solution to Greek Debt Negotiations

Dijsselbloem: Lenders will Find a Solution on Greek Contingency Measures

Here is why is in crisis: those that are seen as progressive and liberal thought leaders think like this

Another Round of Media Strikes in Protest Over Pension Reforms

Reminder: The 3.5% target exists solely to preserve the fiction that Greece’s debt is sustainable:

Tsipras' red lines: they get shorter and shorter.

Greece faces a new budget confrontation with creditors

Odds & Ends .....

Far right candidate leading in Austrian vote...

Dutch journalist Ebru Umar released from Turkish police custody, ordered to remain in the country

's populist AfD party wants excluded from common European currency

When might the Armenian genocide not be a genocide? When Germany tries to placate Erdogan.

Significance in reading pages will turn on degree of redaction.

- arms embargo or not - UN panel reports or not. Weapons keep flowing and major western countries know about & not bothered.

GNA approval is going down same path of how LPA was signed-will that resolve or further complicate matters?