Monday, April 25, 2016

Economic News , Data & Views ( April 25 , 2016 ) Overview For Monday ( 1. Markets In Focus - General Trend In Markets Still Positive Since February Lows , Crude News For The Day , Bonds News - Fed Meeting Upcoming / Emerging Market Bond Performance , Pound On A Tear . 2 UK Items - Brexit , BHS Files For Administration (11,000 Jobs At Risk ) , TTIP Not A Good Deal For UK- Says UK Gov't Report. 3. Refugee Crisis Items To Consider . 4. Odds & Ends. )


We have seen two very different markets in 2016, before and after Feb 11. NEW POST:

ICYMI: China Is Hoarding Crude At The Fastest Pace On Record even as demand is slowing down

Deflation in the US a myth and the crash in Crude has masked broader inflationary pressures.

Large number for losses...

Big reporting season: -- BP: Tue 26 -- Total: Wed 27 -- ConocoPhillips: Thu 28 -- Eni, Exxon Mobil, Chevron: Fri 29 -- Shell: Wed 04

Emerging From Strike With Plans to Have Record Output

Weaning Saudi off oil in 56 months: GDP must be shifted to other sectors at rate of ~1%/month. Makes Chinese transition looks glacial

Something you might say before you interdict an tanker...

Wednesday's FOMC Meeting: probability of a rate cut (2%) is higher than the probability of a hike (0%).

Emerging Market Sovereign Bond Index is at a new all-time high.

reserving all their fire-power for interventions in government bond markets.

Pound hits 10 week high after Obama's support for UK EU membership was seen as boosting chances of Remain camp.


Theresa May knocks down some howlers for Remain side...

Obama warns Germany about countries who use trade as a weapon. Like USA over Brexit, asks :

TTIP not a good deal at all for the UK. ..

collapse stinks.Pension fund runs up £500m deficit in 7 years? Auditors asleep? Shareholders asleep? Sold for a £1. Taxpayer stuffed.


Refugee Crisis  Items For Monday

Arrests as 14 'illegal ' from Syria & Pakistan found packed in two cars near border with

's refugees corralled today at a detention center in Mória.

Obama: we need more ships in the Aegean to shut down criminal networks who are profiting by smuggling desperate families and children

Obama:even as we help Turkey & Greece cope w refugee influx in a way that is safe-humane we cannot turn our backs on those who are here now

Odds & Ends......

Jimmy Luxury looks just like Johnny Football Manziel , maybe Johnny should try a singing career next ?

Kasich -Cruz "Deal " fraying already ? Kasich tells Indiana voters to vote for him ? Strange type of deal..

Obama says Russia sanctions must stay in place until Minsk implemented:

Russia standing firm as to HoR approval of GNA.

Racing to complete a deal by Thursday...

Dutch paper deliberately testing insult law ?