Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Economic News , Data & Views ( April 26 , 2016 ) Overview For Tuesday ( 1. Markets In Focus - Bond Market Related News Of Note , Apple Will Be A Point Of focus Wednesday - Misses Earnings, Revenues And Poor Guidance - Trifecta , Global Equities - % Below / ATH / Year , Global Currencies vs USD Update. 2 Greece Updates - Creditor Talks Hit A Predictable Snag. 3. Spain Fails To Form New Gov't , Will Head To Polls June 26th . 4. Odds & Ends - EXXON loses AAA Rating , Dutch - Turkey Relations Getting Chillier , Sultan In His Majesty - Lording Over Europe , Iraq Quirky Item , ECHR Battle Spits No 10 and Home Secretary & More Items To Ponder . )

US Elections Updates ........

We are ready for a final margin call in CT. Clinton 51%- Sanders 48%. Call made with 63% Precincts reporting.

Trump sweeps northeast presidential primaries, Clinton takes 3 states

Trump polling average vs actual results tonight PA: 47% -> 58% RI: 56% -> 64% CT: 53% -> 59% MD: 50% -> 54% This after NY went 53% -> 60%.

Is it possible that part of Trump’s improvement is because GOP voters are just tired of this race?

The biggest day in the US elections since Super Tuesday - Will Trump and Clinton claim all?

1 hour before Tuesday results start flooding out !


Long Bond ETF is down 7 days in a row, tying the record (Oct '11) since its inception in 2002.

US 5-year breakevens (inflation expectations) at their highest level since last July.

" Down Goes Frazier......"

Apple Revenue Growth, YoY: -12.8%. First negative growth rate since the first quarter of ... 2003.

AAPL sales by geography

% Below/Year of All-Time High Close Italy: -63%/2000 Japan: -55%/1989 China: -51%/2007 US: -2%/2015 Russia: -1%/2007

Global Currencies vs. the US Dollar YTD...


. will call tomorrow to ask for an extraordinary euro summit so the agreement of July 2015 is ensured

Scratch Thursday Eurogroup off calendar...

Important item to read and also no pay wall barrier for this article

's- creditors talks on contingency measures pause, no further meetings expected today might resume tmr morning

Greek Govt: Legislating contingency measures unconstitutional. 's 2y yields jump. (BBG)

No agreement reached in meeting between minister, media representatives

Lawyers extend strike to May 7 as system blocks up

Bank deposit seizures skyrocket

Greek Gov’t Taps on State Organization Fund Reserves for Liquidity


It is official: Spain is going to return to the polls in June

Spain headed for new polls after coalition talks fail

Last year's general election in Spain cost €130 million. Via

Rajoy ended his presser in a hurry because: "the football's about to start".

Odds & Ends.....

UPDATED: Exxon Loses Top 'AAA' Credit Rating It Held Since 1930

Dutch Foreign Minister warns Dutch-Turkish against travel in Turkey via

Examine the 5 times "Sultan " has dictated to the EU on perceived insults to Sultan , Armenia. ..

Guess we shall see who's right and who's wrong...

Major split between Home Secretary May and No 10...

Venezuela's gov't Tuesday announced enforced leave for public sector workers fr Wednesday to Friday

Iraqi government has warned Sweden that the terror group ISIS may be targeting that country's capital of Stockholm..

German foreign intelligence chief forced out: sources