Sunday, March 6, 2016

MENA Report ( March 6 , 2016 ) Items To Consider : 1. Iraq Political & Battlefield State Of Play. 2. Syria Peace Talks , State Of Play In Regional Proxy War Updated. 3. Yemen Updates Of Note. 4. Turkey Updates of Note. 5. Libya Political Updates , Security Updates.


UN: 'Staggering' Destruction in Iraq's Ramadi

Syria Rebels: Conditions 'Not Favorable' for Talks

Gunmen Attack Yemen Nursing Home, Killing 17

Turkey Seizes Most Popular Newspaper Over 'Terror Ties'

Turkey Shells Northern Syria, Insists ISIS Targeted, Not Kurds

Sadr Leads 200,000 Supporters Demanding Ouster of Iraq Govt

Syrian Border Post Recaptured; 146 Killed in Iraq

Fighting at Border Post Continues; 67 Killed Across Iraq

Syria Opposition Says Government Mobilizes, Casts Doubt on Talks

World Leaders Hail 'Real Progress' in Syria

UN Delivers Aid in Syria, Rebels Say Not Enough

Turkey Needs to Stop or Significantly Cut Migrant Flow: EU Envoy

Dutch PM Urges Turkey to Cut Migrant Flows Towards Zero

Croatian Government Moves to Enable Army to Help Control Border

UN Chief Assures Lebanon It Has Final Say Over Refugee Settlement

UNHCR Issues Six-Point Plan to Resolve Europe Refugee Crisis


Syria ......

Assad miffs opposition and Russians with call for elections

"Erdogan mulls giant ‘refugee city’ in north Syria." 'Safe zones' rear their ugly head once again...

"Russia's Lavrov, U.S. Kerry Express Optimism Over Implementation of Ceasefire in Syria: Reports" by REUTERS via N…

Turkey rejects plan to partition Syria: Deputy PM

Anti-regime protest in Darkoush, Idlib today. Sign reads "Long live Syria, down with Assad"

NEW MAP: Military situation in eastern Governorate. HD version:

U.S. builds two air bases in Kurdish-controlled north Syria: Kurdish report

Report of the Russian Centre for reconciliation of opposing sides (March 6, 2016)

BREAKING: Russian defense ministry have claimed that mortar fire in Turkey's Metisl is to provoke Turkish intervention in Syria - Interfax.

Syrian Army defeats another offensive in northwest Deir Ezzor

Electricity returns to for the 1st time since October 2015

87% of EU sea arrivals are from Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan. Wrong to suggest economic migrants


PM Davutoglu: We've reached on deal with for 5 matters: 1) A joint visit to to discuss on , on coming days (1)

2) The continuity of ceasfire in 3) The unity of 4) The participitation of all -internal- actors in 's future (2)

5) The joint act to defeat all kind of terrorism inc. in the geography of . (3)

Demonstration breaks out in against operations in southeast of



Turkey’s President at a meeting in Antalya back in November 14, 2015 demanded the EU to provide him with 30 billion euros instead of 3 for him to allegedly address the refugee crisis. He threatened his colleagues that if he’s not going to get the money he will send hundreds of thousands of migrants onward toward Europe.

BREAKING: Migrant buildup in Greece feared as EU-Turkey summit begins

EU takes weak stance on Turkey’s takeover of opposition newspaper

Turkey's largest newspaper tows the government line in first edition after seizure

What’s behind the EU's desperate alliance of convenience with Turkey?

Only self-interested blindness leads EU to call Turkey "safe" for forcing refugees back.

Wolfgang Schäuble says Germany has serious reservations about Turkey joining EU. what's more, negotiations will take a long time


Ban Ki-Moon says he rejects military intervention as a solution to the crisis in

US says recognised parliament (Tobruk) has agreed unity govt. because of Feb 23 letter signed by 100 MPs.

'Release Libyan money held abroad to boost health service' - 's health Minister says. via


MUSINGS ON IRAQ: Kurdistan and Iraqi Central Governments Still Arguing Over Budget

Up to 51 people were killed in suicide truck bomb attack Iraq's Babil

At least 29 killed and 47 wounded in car bombing of checkpoint in Hilla, Iraq.

"Work on Iraq-Turkey oil pipeline to be complete 'in a day or two'" Claims

Iraq assault to retake Mosul from ISIL months away as continuing attacks stretch thin forces

Is it Isis or the economy that will ruin Iraq?