Monday, March 7, 2016

Economic News , Data & Views ( March 7 , 2016 ) Overview ( 1. 2 Year Yields - Comparing Key Benchmark Bonds. 2. NYSE Irrational Exuberance Continues . 3. China To Go For Growth Over Reforms This Year - Reforms Next Year ? What's The Point Of A Bubble Watch When Gov't Won't Pop It ? 4. Europe A dying Currency Under NIRP ? 5. Crude Still Ripping Along - Up 44 % In Past 16 Trading Sessions. 6. Draghi Watch For Thursday With Markets Expecting Much From The ECB. ) Europe In Focus ( 1. EUCO 28 & Turkey Talks On Migration / Refugee Crisis. 2. Greece Items Of The Day - Point Of Emphasis - GR & EG Meeting. 3. Brexit News De Jour. )


2-year yields... Switzerland: -1.03% Germany: -0.55% Japan: -0.22% US: +0.91%

NYSE: New 52-week highs outnumbered New 52-week Lows by over 15x today, highest since last April.

's leaders emphasizing growth over reforms this year but put economy on bubble watch.

CBK: Neg rates could lead to demise of euro as reserve currency. Many CenBanks cannot invest in neg-yielding assets.

Update 2: Crude up over 44% in the past 16 trading days, largest short-term gain since the '90 price shock. $CL1

's Draghi faces expectant markets. German yields out to 6yrs are already below depo rate

Europe In Focus ......

EUCO Talks Today With Turkey

Doesn't deal undermine ? He spends wks negotiating, then backdoors a completley diff deal with

needs to decide until March 17, whether it will lift objections on accession chapters for . Bitter-sweet day for Cyprus today

Hopes to finalise refugee return pact with Turkey at next EU summit

EUCO state of play...

Remarkably, says entire new migration plan was proposed by -- and she backs it unreservedly, including extra €3bn

BREAKING: Luxembourg PM: EU, Turkey end migration talks; new proposals go to next week's summit .

EU diplomat: approaching solutions on accession chapters, related to the new turkish proposal & the balkan way

Which nations in the EU will sign up -and then actually follow thru , re: taking refugees directly from Turkey ?

If accurate , it would explain ( in part ) , why there wasn't an actual "agreed deal" announced today.

Fwiw - this allegedly represents outline of EU -Turkey draft statement from today's Summit.

Greece & EG Today......

Here we go again! 's FinMin Stubb says , Creditors need deal to avoid new crisis which will come to a head in July. (BBG)

confirms that the discussions for the Greek program will resume in Athens this week.

results on state of play.


Work needs to be done on same subjects which have been punted on for the past year and even longer.

Brexit ......

Tomorrow's Daily Telegraph front page: Bank prepares for Brexit crisis

The first of our Brexit briefs looks at the arguments over the facts

"Peddling Hyperbole" British Business Boss Bashes Cameron's Brexit Scaremongering

Boris Johnson offers his colorful view on the EU..

Big business & the banks admit that a "soft landing" Brexit doesn't worry them. The market solution is the answer.

Britain's in-out EU referendum will be on June 23rd. The arguments for and against

Blow to Cameron's Authority As Twice as Many Tory Chairmen Support Brexit than Remain

It's opera and tears as Europeans face the prospect of Brexit