Sunday, March 6, 2016

Economic News & Views ( March 6 , 2016 ) Turkey In Focus ( 1. Kurds Protest In London Against Turkish Military Operations In Southeast Turkey - West Holding Its Tongue. 2.Even As The EU-Turkey Commence Their Summit On Migration , Concerns Mount As To Effectiveness Of Any Agreed Plan On Migration And What Manner Of Deal With The Devil , The EU Is Signing Up For. 3. Turkey's Seizure Of Today's Zaman Complete , Pro-Gov't Articles Appear In Latest Edition - West Holding Its Tongue . ) Greece In Focus ( 1. Germany Says Greece Shouldn’t Get More Time For Budget Problems , EU Debt Rules Not To Be Weakened . 2. Another 100,000 Migrants Likely To Arrive In Bottleneck Greece By End Of Month . 3. EU-Summit Draft Confirms Greece’s Migration Minister: Balkan Route Will Be Closed . ) ECB In Focus ( 1. Ahead Of Thursday's ECB Meeting On Monetary Policy - Various Thoughts On Where Things Stand And What Might Occur Next . ) Odds & Ends ( 1. News And Data Touching Primarily On China & Japan . 2. Additional Items Of Note To Consider. )


Demonstration breaks out in against operations in southeast of


Turkey’s President at a meeting in Antalya back in November 14, 2015 demanded the EU to provide him with 30 billion euros instead of 3 for him to allegedly address the refugee crisis. He threatened his colleagues that if he’s not going to get the money he will send hundreds of thousands of migrants onward toward Europe.

BREAKING: Migrant buildup in Greece feared as EU-Turkey summit begins

EU takes weak stance on Turkey’s takeover of opposition newspaper

Turkey's largest newspaper tows the government line in first edition after seizure

What’s behind the EU's desperate alliance of convenience with Turkey?

Only self-interested blindness leads EU to call Turkey "safe" for forcing refugees back.

Wolfgang Schäuble says Germany has serious reservations about Turkey joining EU. what's more, negotiations will take a long time


Macedonia imposes new restrictions on flow of refugees: IDOMENI, Greece... :-(

RT : Germany rejects calls to give Greece more time for budget goals via

Greece says EU migrant sharing is 'absolute emergency'

Greece will be on the Eurogroup agenda tomorrow as ministers will exchange views on the ongoing...

Youth unemployment Greece: 48% Spain: 47.7% Italy: 40% Cyprus: 32.5% Portugal: 32% France: 24.7% UK: 13.7% Netherlands: 11.6% Germany: 7.1%

Germany says Greece shouldn’t get more time for budget problems, EU debt rules not to be weakened

Another 100,000 Migrants Likely To Arrive In Bottleneck Greece By End Of Month

Greece risks becoming a 'concentration camp' for refugees': Yanis Varoufakis

Greece's migrant crisis is getting worse

ECB .......

ECB set to increase dose of monetary medicine - GlobalPost

Negative interest rates are working just fine so far: via

must be much bolder as QE has failed, Münchau says. Makes case for helicopter drop.

Continued Slide in Inflation Expectation Tests Faith in ECB.. Related Articles:

is expected to remain below the ’s objective, even in the long term

Odds & Ends .......

Funding Slowdown May Signal Turning Point in Liquidity, BIS Says

These 2charts show why Moody's has cut ratings of 4 countries & placed a further 12countries on review for downgrade

Chinese regional bailouts begin: China’s Shanxi Province Wants Policy Support for Coal Exports

researcher sees ample ammunition to halt slowdown BUT more debt no longer drives GDP.

And accounted for 40% of all global new debt issuance since 2008

German vice chancellor Gabriel says Trump poses threat to peace and prosperity. via