Friday, March 25, 2016

MENA Report ( March 26 , 2016 ) - Iraq / Syria Regional War / ISIS / Turkey - All Rolled Into One Huge Clusterfark , ISIS Takes War To Europe , Libya Updates - Assessing State Of Play Politically , Iran Tidbit Of Note. )


Pentagon To Send More Combat Troops to Iraq

Marines Expand Combat Role, Join Iraq Offensive

Cell Behind Europe Attacks Predates Caliphate

Britain and Jordan's Secret War in Libya

Turkish Military Kills 24 PKK Fighters in Southeast

Iraqi Mayor Among 30 Killed in Soccer Game Bomb Attack by ISIS

Govt Leaders Flee As Sadr Marches on Green Zone

Pentagon: ISIS Finance Minister Killed in Failed Capture Attempt

140 Killed in Iraq as Forces Draw Nearer to Mosul

Officials: Multiple ISIS Plots Being Planned in Europe

A Quandary for Europe: Fighting a War on ISIS Within Its Borders

Nails and Nail Varnish: Brussels Bombers Prepared a 'Satanic' Cocktail

UN Says 50 Staff Dead, Detained or Missing in Syria

Report: Jordan's King Met Mossad Chief to Coordinate Stances on Russian Strikes in Syria

Bomb Disrupts Soccer Game; 48 Killed in Iraq

Belgian Suicide Attacker Made Paris Bombs, Authorities Say

Turkey's Erdogan: Belgium Invited Attacks by Failing to Condemn Kurds

Brussels Attackers Were Considering Nuclear Site, Changed Their Minds: Paper

Journalists on Trial as Turkey Tightens Noose on Media

US Blacklists Firms, Individuals Over Iran Missile Program

Syria / Iraq / Turkey Related Correlations .......

Saturday Tweets....

Well , what would one expect from "press freedoms" lover Erdogan anyway ?

Erdoğan to diplomats: "You can move around inside yr Consulate building. Anywhere else is subject to permission". ↑Head of EU candidate

/n Air Force raided and destroyed 158 targets in city today. .

4 Tanks, 6 weapons warehouses destroyed inside and a total of 432 were killed around the city since 18 days. .

: special forces entered , liberated more than half of the city form . Fierce battle

Opp. source: is abandoning positions inside to establish a new line of defense at .

ISIS executioner, Abu Fourqan al-Misry was shot dead by unidentified gunmen using silent firearms in Mosul downtown.

ISIS has claimed responsibility for homicide bombing that killed at least 41 at Iraq soccer game.

And from the news right now, looks like Abadi will not be submitting even a partial list of technocrat ministers (for now) as leaked.

Friday Tweets.........

Kudos on a very successful operation against a very senior ISIS Leader.

Actually , a fascinating interview and window into Jordan's role in the conflict in Syria. Well work reading..

3. UPDATE: liberated most parts of orchards+is advancing towards Palmyra prison.

4. UPDATE: is securing Amiriyah and liberated airbase. now de facto under siege.

While smashes at , ISIS pushes back "moderate rebels" in Governorate.

Photo gallery: Iraq’s Sadr supporters shout slogans against govt corruption

Suicide bomber kills 25 south of Baghdad: police

fighters in boon to , bane to Abadi’s authority

's King Abdullah says exports terrorists to Europe as a matter of "policy."


REVEALED: British and Jordanian special forces secretly battle ISIS in Libya

Libya declares "maximum state of emergency" in Capital

HoR is divided. GNC, divided. Dialogue Committee, divided. Unity Government, divided . Militias, divided. Citizens, Divided

Report: competition between Tripoli armed groups over providing security for GNA

- sources close to GNA have denied reports that members of GNA presidential council arrived in . Still conflicting reports.

BREAKING Tripoli-based govt declares state of emergency after reported arrival of UN-backed govt (AP)

DOJ reportedly investigating ex-Blackwater chief for money-laundering, Libya defense ops

In chaos of Libya, unity government only adds to disarray