Saturday, March 26, 2016

Economic News & Views ( March 26 , 2016 ) 1. Brussels Attacks - Examining Both the " Here & Now " , As Well As Pondering What Happens Down the Road With Security , Personal Liberties , Impact On EU and Other Issues / Concerns . 2. Refugee Crisis - Impacted Naturally By Ongoing Terror Events and Ensuing Security Concerns - Which Touches On Refugee Flows From War Zones. 3. Libya - Examing just One such War Zone , Which May Send More Refugees To Europe - In Turn Impacting Security and Amping Fears Of Terror Attacks.

Terror In Europe.....

Did you know during attacks,communication system for security personnel was down; police had to communicate via Whatsapp

Brussels airport to partially resume flights, but not before Tuesday. Cars&some luggage retrieved

INTERPOL Chief will attend nuclear security summit, information sharing is key in fight against

Belgian Prosecutor denies the badge was stolen, denies the murder is linked to any terrorism activity

Fears that jihadists are using - migratory route to infiltrate .

Number of injured in reaches 340, 101 remain in hospitals

Aegean adds flights to Lille as Brussels airport still closed

Faycal C-was seen in security footage in Brussels’ Zaventem Airport-along w/Brussels attackers shortly before blasts

L'enquête s'accélère: Fayçal Cheffou aurait été identifié par le taximan

Dutch prosecutor to : is important, but it is “not absolute”.

Brussels Airport is starting preparations to partially resume passenger flights, but not before Tuesday 29 March.

Eurostar passengers on Brussels-London route rushed off train at Lille for security checks.

Staff member tells me that a person may have got on the train without their passport being checked, so all documents must be re-checked.

's minister Geens says its intelligence services need greater access to telephone and internet records.

Belgian ministers and prosecutors admit failures that led to the release of the perpetrators of .

Path to Death: How EU Failures Helped Paris Terrorists Obtain Weapons

Refugee Crisis ........

"Hundreds of thousands of migrants"in Libya,having fled conflict&others originating from the Maghreb bound for EU

migrant crisis more urgent,may worsen w/IS expansion,war,medical system collapse,currency&humanitarian crises

LeaveEUOfficial: “Is Italy ready for the next wave migrants?” “Is Italy ready for the next wave …

More than 200 stuck for three weeks in 'no man's land' on border return to 's Tabanovce

The 237 migrants from Iraq & Syria were stranded when Serbia toughened controls, according to N1 TV citing volunteers

What if the EU-Turkey deal doesn't save us from a descent to something dark? What if it's the next step along the same path?

Italy preparing for migrant arrivals from Libya

Sun is out at & buses driving in to take some ppl to organised camps

Buses sent to Idomeni camp to transfer refugees

Bulgaria says ready to erect fence on border with Greece

Blackwater's Erik Prince used the refugee crisis to try to sell mercenary services to LIbya


- Chief of Staff confirms that 90% of is under their control, but two spots remain off limit - i believe intentionally.

- de facto spokesperson for Gov mocking Serraj's Gov (GNA) for failing to enter the capital Arabic

Some grps in are only supporting GNA due to Intl pressure, if they realize Intl pressure/threats not real, they'll flip.

Banking crisis continues. Banks short of cash.

A media war taking place between the GNA & based salvation Gov - claims & counter claims about levels of support for each.

Sources Tripoli say mixed hope + anxiety about arrival of UN-backed govt. May end chaos/deepen it. Some militias for others against.

In current situation, threshold for any GNA/agreement to have a chance of succeeding it requires 2 elements -Misrata in W + LNA in E.

A pro-GNA HoR member tells that presidential council members arrived in , but left soon after their arrival.

Many prez. council members & their aides putting on a brave face trying to convince Intl community they've enough support. Do they?

- Many expected the GNA to be back in by now. It seems the latest push was mainly an attempt to intimidate HoR into voting.

- GNA must be ready to use force & Intl community must deliver on promises of securing/protecting GNA in - to succeed.

Today some in say -unless there are forces under ground literally or in the Sky- not sure how GNA will be secure in

- : more unidentified airstrikes on the city, this time reportedly targeting two houses used by leaders in the city.