Friday, March 25, 2016

Economic News And Views ( March 25 , 2016 ) Items For the Day ( 1. Have A Blessed Good Friday , For All Who Celebrate Good Friday And Easter Over The Next Few Days . 2. Brexit Related News & Views - Pros's & Cons. 3. Greece Items For Today - Non - Refugee Related News. . 4. Refugee / Migration / Border Security Items . 5. Brussels Attacks Items De Jour. )

Good Friday ......

... and by His stripes we are healed. Is 53:3


Brexit Campaign Gets Support of 250 Business Leaders: FT.

Ex-HSBC chief backs as PM's scaremongering shows signs of failing

Brussels Attacks Add Urgency to Debate Over Britain’s E.U. Membership

Brussels attacks may sway Brexit vote: Strategists

.: ‘Brexit will let us deport terrorists and stop others from coming in’

camp’s own goal - how Boris' economic advisor undercuts his own arguments

Ex-CIA Director: Brexit Would Not Harm Security

Powerful support for from a credible source – ex-head of MI6 says leaving would help our security.


Helicopters fly past the for 's independence day military parade.

Greece accuses IMF of stalling bailout review

According to Eurostat, Greece's economy is now smaller than Portugal's as nominal GDP shrank a further 0.9% in 2015

Assailants firebomb police station in residential Athens neighborhood

PM Tsipras on Independence Day: ‘Next Page of Our History Belongs to a New Greece’

Refugee / Migration Crisis......

EU-Turkey agreement has worrying contradiction at its heart

Bad coordination knee capping return efforts.

The UNHCR's welcomes their move to three sites with 'proper shelter' but says better coordination would save confusion

Buses pull up at Idomeni makeshift camp on Greece- border in surprise move to shift up to 1,000

France claims 800,000 migrants in Libya ready to cross to Europe. Will be discussed EU April 18

Bulgaria says ready to erect fence on border with Greece

" is simply put a concentration camp. Anyone unregistered approaching is arrested."

"More than one person inside has threatened to kill himself before being sent back to Turkey"

News from other detention camps is even more scarce. Video from in shows refugees fed through the fence

However, a Greek police statement dated Mar. 24 says 11 migrants were already deported to Turkey under the deal

Greece will begin officially deporting refugees to Turkey on Apr. 4 under the deal

Access to closed refugee detention camps is difficult but testimonies and images continue to flow out

Oxfam was the latest NGO to suspend work at . "Detention of refugees an offense to Europe's values"

6 major agencies withdrew from closed detention camps, protesting the and refugee holding conditions

Another operation to empty , on Greece's border with Macedonia 12,000 refugees stranded there for weeks

Greece pledges to provide shelters for 50,000 refugees within 20 days

Greece marks first day without migrant arrivals after EU-Turkey deal

Brussels Attacks .....

Europe must hunker down to long-term terror threat, experts warn

police capture key suspect in raid:

One person has been neutralized in anti-terror raid -local media

BREAKING: Explosion heard in during an anti-terror raid in

Mechelen police "forgot" to pass information on Abdeslam's known December

Police in Belgium arrested seven people overnight and Germany arrested two in connection to the Brussels attacks

Nuclear Staff Lose Access After Brussels Attacks: A number of workers at the Tihange plant have ... (By )

Seven detained in raids linked to attacks:

Belgian authorities release photo of wanted suspect Naim al- Hamed , -n nationality.

Anonymous-style video vows to take revenge on after

Romanian mother and her daughter are the only survivors from Metro blast

US security experts say expose catastrophic deficiencies in EU security

— Mechelen police chief admits mistakes, information on Abdeslam not shared

"It isn't Salafism or Wahabism that is the motivating force behind the Brussels attacks"

When we come back: Meet some of the heroes of the .

Bomb alert in Bonn disrupts rail traffic