Saturday, March 5, 2016

Economic News , Data & Views - Turkey & EU - In One Sentence - EU Is More Worried About Securing A "Deal With The Devil" Than Forcefully and Unambigously Condemning Turkey's Complete Destruction Of The Core Democratic Value Of Freedom Of The Press.

Shame The Devil Edition  , When Will The EU Grow a Spine ......

Robin Trower "Shame The Devil "

Turkey ........

Trustees block access to Cihan news agency after takeover

EU more worried about securing a "Deal with the Devil" -than speaking about Turkey demolishing freedom of the press.

: After unlawful takeover of HQ, Ankara office lost access to company internal servers. Journos can't file their reports.

Gov't caretakers are trying to erase the whole news achieve of 's best-selling daily on Intranet & Internet. Unbelievable.

All journos, all democratic governments should help now

Turkish police use plastic bullets at peaceful protesters in front of

Injuries reported after police violently intervene to disperse protesters outside daily

View from the office

Editor-in-Chief fired by trustees after gov't takeover

All internet connections cut down at Zaman building, trustees begin removal of web content

Today's Zaman chief editor posts "probably last message" from her office after police raid

Conversation With The Devil ........ Roy Wylie Hubbard ....

: Fresh clashes at defiant Turkey newspaper, EU urges respect for press freedoms

Finally an EU leader who speaks out clearly. Shows refugee deal should not stop EU criticizing Turkey when necessary

Yes ! Great point from Martin Schulz.

Moscow calls on the West to react to 's press crackdown

MORAL BANKRUPTCY! Int Minister at EU-Turkey meeting: "we should not be referee on human rights"

Police raid offices of popular critical newspaper in Turkey after government seizure

Turkish police raid opposition newspaper using tear gas, water cannon

Turkish police fire teargas and enter top-selling newspaper after seizure order

Understanding the "muted " reactions from US and EU Leaders regarding Turkey's destruction of the Opposition media newspaper "Today's Zaman"  is being allowed to occur . US and Europe at the "Cross Road "& Me & The Devil - The incomparable Robert Johnson ....

Just because Gulen is now his political opponent gives Erdogan no right to censor .

Looks like Turkey is the linchpin in "European Consensus" , keep those checkbooks handy..

[Interview] “The last 10 years we were forgotten (by the ). Suddenly we are remembered,” says Turkish diplomat.

Next week, I will chair the informal meeting of EU leaders with : .

My latest (and my last for the uncensored Today's Zaman) on the upcoming Turkey-EU summit

What this means for Monday's -Turkey refugee summit? Probably little. EU needs more than Turkey needs EU

On Monday discuss refugee deal w . Will EU remain silent on freedom of expression as Tk gov seizes entire opposition press group?

EU deal w Turkey flawed & potentially dangerous policy response to refugee flows, says HRW

| Upcoming EU, Turkey summit 'crucial to stem refugee flow'

& FMs meeting in Athens today over refugee crisis ahead of Monday's EU summit & GR-TR talks on Tue

EU-Turkey refugee summit should be about more than just refugees, Turkish official says

My latest piece for : "The EU-Turkey refugee deal and the Kurdish issue"

Visa-free deal with to trigger 'new refugee influx' to – Bundestag VP

Spanish Train.... Chris de Burgh

Refugee deal with Turkey EU’s only option, no plan B, says Germany’s Merkel | Front Page