Sunday, March 27, 2016

Economic News & Views ( March 27 , 2016 ) 1. Easter Greetings For All Who Celebrate . 2. Refugee Crisis Updates - Special Focus On Greece Situation , Especially At Idomeni . 3. Brussels Attacks - Updates On The Ongoing Investigation , 30,000 Foot View. 4. Libya In Focus - Attempts To Approve Unity Gov't Ongoing . 5. Syria Battleground Report - Palmyra Taken From ISIS - Al Qaryatan and Deir Ezzor Appear to be Next Targets For SAA And Allied Forces.


. Pope Francis delivers Easter message of hope after

Easter 2016: How about a drone-powered egg hunt?

Easter is meant to be a symbol of hope, renewal, and new life. - Janine di Giovanni

Refugee Crisis .....

Trafficking gangs are arranging a new way to ship migrants from Turkey to the EU by sailing to Italy - as per FAZ


Greece considers to offer refugees & migrants “residence permit” for €250K real estate…

Where police fear to tread: closer look at EU’s notorious migrant districts

Refugee arrivals to Greece slow to a trickle

Europe Refugee Emergency - Site locations in Greece (As of 26 March 2016) by

Hundreds gathered because of rumors for open borders in

How would they be able to get to Serbia (which has also closed its borders to refugees along with Croatia, Slovenia and Austria?

Even if refugees got past Greek police they's have to overcome Macedonian fence and border patrols and then what?

Police is telling refugees that theborders are not going to open&there is danger for their lives

Tense situation at . Refugees want to cross border, w help of activists & journos. (via )

Brussels Attacks.......

4 terrorism-related arrests today in Rotterdam, reports. The broadcaster suggested at least one was at the request of France ~

Police in Belgium launched 13 fresh counter-terror raids today

Riot police disperse far-right protesters near memorial of Daesh attack victims in Brussels

What a dramatic photo. Even the sky is so symbolic. (via )

WATCH LIVE: Far-right activists rally after tribute to Brussels attacks victims postponed

Far right wing group have marched on memorial in - have seen several Nazi salutes

Hundreds pay tribute to Brussels attacks victims on Place de la Bourse LIVE NOW:

Holding hands at Place de la Bourse.

Is Turkey sending terrorists to Europe? Jordan's king seems to think so

*sigh* "Organisers cancel Sunday's Brussels attacks 'March Against Fear'"

suspect is camp activist & citizen journalist known to authorities

Brussels attacks: Police arrest suspect fixer who allegedly 'supplied bomber's fake ID'

Polish PM says mean the has lost control of the crisis.

discuss measures to reinforce security at the 800 airports.

Italy arrests Algerian suspect wanted in probe

Italian PM calls for wiping out in response to


and use safe-havens in to train and prepare for terrorist attacks

Some testing days ahead as GNA prepares to move to Tripoli within hours. Some say GNA already in under Mistatan protection

's Constitution - CDA member Ibrahim al-Baba says no consensus reached regarding Tebu & Taureg demands in the constitution.

says if GNA enters by force, it will only make situation worse than it already is. GNA hoping for minimal violence

Report - UN-backed government back in Tunis after Tripoli militia disputes.

Actually, official airways reason 4 airspace closure is strike by airport workers over unpaid wages.

French PM Manuel Valls to visit on April 9 and 10, will discuss the & crises and immigration.

Afriqiyah Airways says 's airspace has been closed to incoming flights by the civil aviation commission

HoR might finally vote on the GNA this week...

Fear of being sidelined? Ageela Saleh calls for HoR quorum for key GNA debate Monday

House of Representatives president Ageela Saleh has called on its members to turn up on Monday and Tuesday to debate the proposed Government of National Accord and the constitutional amendment.


Saleh’s call may reflect a growing fear that even though its political role is enshrined in the Skirhat deal, unless it exercises in the near future, its power to approve the GNA led by Faiez Serraj, it will find itself sidelined.


Update: UN-appointed PM Sarraj did NOT fly to Tripoli from his hotel in . Actual (west ) PM Ghwail closed the airspace.

Suspense: UN-appointed PM Sarraj said to be arriving in Tripoli in hours. Militias opposed said to be positioned around Mitiga.

: Yet another emerging government, this one a contender to rival the UN's "unity government"

Gunfire and a long list of speculations in (again) tonight -

EXCLUSIVE: Jordan's King declares beginning of World War III, 'from Indonesia to California'


Reinforcements arrive from as SAA gears up for Qaryatayn battle vs. ...

Airstrikes rain on Qaryatayn city as Syrian Army mobilizes to storm

NEW MAP: Situation in eastern Governorate after liberation of . Next objective: Al-.

Al-Sighna, on the road to Dei-ezzour and 70km from , is under bombing now by /n Air Force. Next stop...

The fall of means is retrieving on the strategic level. could have been impossible 2free had held the ground.

Forces who defeated in , in this order: Main force Special Forces Special Forces Special Forces

Following the liberation of more areas near , will prob. continue its advance towards Governorate. 5/5