Sunday, March 20, 2016

Economic News & Views ( March 20 , 2016 ) Sunday Items ( 1. EU-Turkey News & Analysis - Greece Delays Sending Refugees Back To Turkey , Update On ISIS Bombing At Istikal Caddesi , Turkey , General Refugee Related News . 2. Greece News For Sunday - Greece Specific Refugee Items , Greece Economy , Bailout Talks With Creditors , Domestic Politics. 3. UK Brexit , Political Items - Recent Polling Of Interest . 4. Spain - News For Sunday - Politics & Refugee Protest In Focus . 4. France - Key Terror Arrest In Paris Attacks. 5. Germany In Focus - AfD Demand Referendum On Refugee Crisis . )

EU-Turkey Deal / Refugees / Border Security......

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The correspondent in Turkey, , reported critically on the country. So he was forced out.

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from Syria refuse food in protest at Tabanovce camp on border with

Austrian President Heinz Fischer (SPO): only 35-50% chance that deal will work (DPA)


rescues almost 1,000 boat

On Saturday there were 47,500 migrants in Greece, including 8,200 on the islands and 10,500 massed in Idomeni

600 migrants in 4 boats rescued off the coast of on Saturday.

Istanbul bomber ISIL-linked, says Interior minister

BREAKING: suspect identified as , believed to be an member

When suicide bombers in Turkey have Kurdish links, it takes 12 hours to ID them. ISIS links, 48 hours.

Turns out İstiklal Caddesi bombing carried out by ISIS jihadis of Turkish nationality. 's visa waiver plan for carries huge risks

'Some patients claim to have been kept in an abandoned building and beaten by police from 4pm into yesterday evening,' says MSF

Doctors Without Borders cites dozens as saying they were surrounded & beaten with metal bars, some of them suffering fractures

police accused of beating for hours who tried to cross border at Idomeni, stealing valuables

: A snapshot of desperate arrivals in Greece from Jan1toMarch19. Over 400 dead or missing

Swedish lawyers condemn EU-Turkey migrants deal

Greece delays sending refugees back to Turkey under EU deal


Letter by German & French IntMins: Will send 400 offcls for Frontex, 200 for asylum agncy to ~

Two migrants found dead on Greek island

The deep roots of tax evasion

Migrants Entering Greece from Turkey Receive New Classification

EU-Turkey Deal Leaves Refugees Stranded in Greece

Mission chiefs will return to Athens on Apr 2, discussions 'll resume on Apr w/ the aim to clinch an agreement by Apr 11 .

govt & the Institutions hold last meeting before Easter holiday break. Some progress achieved but many gaps remain.

Center-left leaders disagree over whether to include SYRIZA in talks

MinFin Euclid Tsakalotos threatened to resume negotiations with the IMF in .

EU Appoints Coordinator to Help Organize Asylum Services in Greece

UK Referendum.........

Cartoon of the day: by Bob, The Telegraph.

"The effects of immigration now outweigh any trade benefits the EU brings": Agree: 54% Disagree: 21% (via Opinium)

The EU's free movement of people (right to live/work/retire) is generally a... Good thing: 32% Bad thing: 44% (via Opinium)

Leaving the EU would be (X) for your personal financial situation: Good: 38% Bad: 30% (via Opinium)

Britain being a member of the EU is generally a... Good thing: 47% Bad thing: 35% (via Opinium

EU referendum poll: Remain: 40% Leave: 41% (via Opinium)

| Some See Slow Road Out of for - WSJ -

My summary of the arguments for leaving the EU (and demolition of the scaremongering arguments for staying in)

What impact would have on the ?

NEW ON OUR BLOG - The EU-Turkey deal: what's in it and what it means for the UK. Read our instant take:

Hong Kong's richest man suggests he'd scale back British investments if happens

Spain .......

Spain's political stalemate starts taking economic toll

Thousands in Protest "uncaring" approach to Migrants Read News @

France ........

Abdeslam to be handed over to France in 90 days at most: minister

Paris attacks suspect Salah Abdeslam is fighting extradition from Belgium to France:

Govt debt, % of GDP Japan: 230% Italy 133% US: 103% France 96% UK: 89% Germany 72% Brazil: 66% India: 66% China: 41% Russia 18% Turkey: 33%

Why has Become a Prime Target for Terrorists Read Opinion @

Fears of terrorism & refugees are turning Germany, France & Spain into surveillance states, writes

Lawyer: Abdeslam refuses extradition to France — but is cooperating with authorities


ANGELA MERKEL"S NIGHTMARE Germany faces EU referendum demands over migrant crisis

Germany and Japan have the world's oldest populations. Niger has the youngest.

Three regional elections have radically changed Germany’s political landscape