Monday, March 21, 2016

Economic News , Data & Views ( March 21 , 2016 ) Overview ( 1. China - IMF Seeks Info On China's FX Forwards Book , PBOC Asked Fed About How To Deal With A Market Crash - Like 1987 , IMF Chums Up To China Regarding Its Role In Making International Monetary System Stronger. 2. Japan - 30 Year JGB Falls To Record Low Yield Of 0.455% , Kuroda In NIRP-Wonderland . 3.Libya In Focus - Health Care System On The Rocks , Tripoli State Of Play , GNA Still Can't Enter Tripoli. 4. Turkey Is Now Paying The Price For "Creating ISIS Monster It Can No Longer Control. ) Europe In Focus ( 1. Refugee Crisis - News Of The Day. 2. Greece News Of The Day - Non Refugee Related Items Of Note. 3. Brexit Items Of The Day. )


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IMF Politely Asks China To Explain Exactly How Large Its FX Forwards Book Is

As China's stock market plummeted last summer, PBoC reached out to Fed officials on how they handled the 1987 crash.

China has a pivotal role to play in a stronger international monetary system -

Japan March Nikkei PMI falls to 49.1 (est 50.5, prv 50.1), 3-yr low... ( who cares ? )


Japan's policy of negative interest rates failed; what would a tax hike do to the economy?

Doctors Without Borders : 's once-efficient health system is in a state of crisis.

Wonderful. ...

Report; Fighting Zawia, west of Tripoli.

No announcement yet on when UN-backed government will enter Tripoli. Problem is security. Talks continue.

: Misrata Marsa katiba (Zufri) won't protect UN Sarraj gov, counters propaganda that all revolutionaries will

Turkey Is Now Paying The Price For "Creating ISIS Monster It Can No Longer Control"

Europe In Focus

Refugee Crisis .....

EU deal with to send back already on thin ice

Europe is arresting refugees on 's shores as deal hits delays with Lorne Cook

Greece appeals for EU logistics aid for migrant deal to work

Greek, EU officials to work with Turkey on mechanics of migrant deal, says Turkish official

on people at Calais border: France a safe country. If they want asylum they should apply for asylum in France

EC says 4,000 asylum experts & other staff in by March 28th. France, Germany to send 400 policemen, Germany also 100 asyl staff

Greece ......

Tried and true - another broken promise looms.

Schaeuble suggests leniency on pension cuts

Solidarity levy looks set to soar

Road tax to be based on vehicles’ commercial value, not engine size

Strikers shut down port of Limassol

Brexit ......

Daily chart: Who cares about Brexit?

Great guide "Brexit" -- the biggest threat facing EU: via

Economic costs of Brexit would ‘outweigh benefits’ – Moody’s

Successful vote could foreshadow other nations leaving

Fed Warns Brexit Poses Contagious Risk To US Economy, Spikes GBP Volatility To Record Highs

Climate Alarmists Join Project Fear, Warn Brexit Will Harm Global Climate Change Efforts

UK PM Cameron on 's membership: Not remotely on the cards for many, many years to come. /via

spokesman reacts to the CBI's scaremongering report on the economic implications of Brexit

might cost UK over £100bn & nearly 1mn jobs - CBI study