Saturday, March 19, 2016

Economic News & Views March 19 , 2016 ) Saturday Overview ( 1. Brazil Political Corruption Scandals - The Protests , Both Lula and Rousseff Revealed As Shameless , Lula blocked From Taking Political Appointment , Rousseff Facing Impeachment - Out Of Office Before The Summer Olympics ? 2. Libya In Focus - Three Gov'ts - GNC In Tripoli , HoR In Benghazi , GNA Blessed By West & UN In Tunis , ISIS in The Middle Of Country & Along Coastline . 3. EU-Turkey Deal On Migration / Refugees , Refugee/ Migration / Border Security Item Of Note. 4. Syria Peace Talks Items Of Note , State Of Play At Battlefields. )

Overview ......

There were five major terror attacks in this year alone.

Brazil ....

Brazil President, Dilma Rousseff, approval rating. March, 2012: 72% March, 2016: 11%

Lula, 1988: “In Brazil, when a poor man steals he goes to jail. When a rich man steals he becomes a minister.”

Brazil judge strips Lula of office amid mounting political crisis

Impeachment session starts in Brazil, police disperse protest:

"This Is How Coups Start!": Brazil President Defiant As Impeachment Vote Set For April

Thousands protest after Brazil president names predecessor as chief of staff

Libya .......

Power vacuum in Libya unravels as rivaling groups clash in Tripoli ---- local sources (via )

Clashes today in Tripoli could be militias cooperating with UN/West trying to kick out Samood (Badi) in preparation for UN-appointed Sarraj

Heavy gunfire in capital as rivals clash

: In 's Kish area, a large crowd rallies in support of the army & in rejection of the UN-backed GNA.

No new announcements Libya tonight. Talks continue on UN-backed government moving to Tripoli.

's interim gov warns members against dealing w/ unity gov Pres Council as it has yet to be granted confidence

GNC affiliated Libyan Rev Ops Room: Ready to launch long war against unity govt in and those who protect it

Al-Thinni: International recognition of unity government means nothing if it takes power illegitimately.

EU- Turkey Deal , Refugees .....

Two hours and counting

The amounts to nothing other than a revolving door; a cash cow for to milk.

[Analysis] can still expect a years-long backlog of applications after deal on .

The Guardian view on the EU-Turkey deal: the victims will be its judges | Editorial

EU Appoints Coordinator to Help Organize Asylum Services in Greece

Turkey has to change its legislation and to subscribe to all parts of the Geneva Convention

views , Turkey migrant deal as ‘important step’

Syrian refugees still aim for Europe as leaders finalise EU-Turkey deal

EU assures Albania of help with possible migrant influx

Bulgaria reinforces its border. Defensive measures deployed to address concerns of changed routes by refugees.

Turkey confirms 1,734 migrants, 16 smugglers detained in operation

Refugees at Idomeni staying put , not moving from border.

This shows relocations of refugees - from both Greece & Italy as of March15th. Grand total for both - 937 !


Good analysis. ..

We have a balanced proposal that takes on board Cypriot concerns. On Turkey accession, we agreed to open chapter 33 during Dutch Pcy.

EU-Turkey agreement complies with all EU & international laws. Every migrant in Europe treated individually, with full respect & dignity.

EU-Turkey agreement complies with all EU & international laws. Every migrant in Europe treated individually, with full respect & dignity.


Worrying reports of another Jabhat al-Nusra attack on FSA’s 13th Division in tonight - 6 killed & several fighters taken prisoner.

PT: Elsewhere in , Nusra commander surrounded by FSA flag said: “revolution continues, a rag can’t divide us"

Heavy fighting in west as the Syrian Army, Hezbollah ...

, Current Situation in Al- S , Now advancing forward. HD:

SAA liberates *Tall Kurdi, *Mas'hat Al Zaytoun, *Rouabi Tahin, & *Mount Jbil which overlooks Al-Qaryatayin

Why Russia's withdrawal from Syria is a withdrawal in name only:

Jabhat Al-Nusra assault thwarted by the Syrian Army in east : 22 killed

Syrian Army tightens siege around Thayyem Oil Fields in ...

Syrian rebels and continue to clash in northwestern

Syrian Army, reach the Highlands

The black flag is no longer everywhere in rebels held Syrian cities

: Russia says flying '20 to 25' bombing sorties daily to support Syrian army around Palmyra - via

: 70 rebel groups "categorically reject" Kurdish federation announcement, says it has "tacit regime approval"

: Fresh wrap from 's team in Geneva: de Mistura to meet both sides today, hoping to get clarity from gov't