Thursday, March 17, 2016

Economic News , Data & Views ( March 17 , 2016 ) Overview ( 1. Crude Oil Marches On - Price Up 53% in 24 Trading Days. 2. VIX Down 45% Over Past 5 Weeks. 3. Dow Erases Loss For 2016. 4. S&P Green For 2016- Global Indices Continue Recovery. 5. Japan In Focus - Japan Post Rejects Wage Increase - Citing NIRP , Foreign Outflows Largest On Record. 6. Libya Updates On GNA , EU Sanctions Against Recalcitrants . 7. Brazil - Rousseff and Lula Boiling Slowly . 8. Kurds Declare Federal Region In Syria, ) Europe In Focus ( EU-Talks - First Day Ends , EU Trying To Come Together And Find Common Ground Before Meeting Turkey On Friday. 2. Greece In Focus - Troika / Quad Talks , Economic Items , Odds & Ends. )


Crude Oil up 53% over the past 24 trading days. Only comps: March 2009 and during Iraq invasion of Kuwait in 1990.

Volatility Index is down 45% over the past 5 weeks, the largest 5-week decline in history.

Dow Average Rises 0.6%, Erases Loss for 2016.

S&P (total return) turns green YTD, now 50% of global equity indices up on the year. Emerging Markets leading...


| Foreign investor stock outflow largest on record... Getting out of dawdj

PM Serraj was asked - Which Army/Police will secure the GNA in - PM says non-controversial forces - not a convincing answer.

Chief of Tobruk parliament says does not fear EU sanctions, says parliament should decide new government.

Endgame coming for Rousseff ?

Brazilian judge blocks ex-president Lula da Silva’s appointment as minister

Syria's Arabs and Turkmens oppose PYD federation, say they're against giving the country to 'a group of terrorists'

Sultan not going to be pleased. ..

Europe In Focus ........

EU-Turkey Summit.....

Not only no presser tonight, but a lie-in tomorrow!

: tomorrow's discussions will be anything but easy.

Merkel at : needs to put in place certain legal protection standards for if it wants visa liberalisation

Merkel at on €3bn extra to : There is general readiness to put additional funds on the table for

Merkel at : Resettlement will need to start few days after starts taking back asylum seekers

: "I cannot guarantee happy conclusion" with Turkey tomorrow.

: we took care not to mention (accession) chapters for now.

German official says will indeed give short briefing

Press corps can't decide whether to celebrate or riot

Look like Turkey's PM will be at the Summit Friday.

EU - Turkey Summit Bullet Train seems about to slide off the rails

Czech minister on progress of refugee deal negotiations

official says 28 leaders have agreed text of deal close to 's original text. Up to to accept.

No Tusk-Juncker-Davutoglu talks tonight, Davutoglu arriving late and 28 still assessing draft deal. (EU official)

Japan received 7,586 refugee applications in 2015, but accepted only 27. (Japan Ministry of Justice)

450,000 migrants 'on way to EU from Libya' via

Eu official: Tusk said he wants to end eu-summit on deal latest at 11pm today.

Holy heck -what is going on with Austria these days ?

After the urging , which countries actually step up ?

CLOSES ALL ITS CAMPS for &creates two tent camps near the -n border, Fidesz caucus leader Lajos Kósa announces 1/3

The closing of all -an refugee camps is clearly not rational, nor humane, since they are full & operate well beyond capacity. 2/3

So basically the HUN gov't forces all to two tent camps next to the -n border&hope they'll instantly leave (illegally) 3/3


Greece has much legal, technical work to do if EU reaches refugee deal with Turkey

Experts from Greek sell-off agency charged

Hellenic Sugar asset sale to ease state firm’s debt

Sacrificing Iphigenia: The isolation of Greece and the dark future of Europe

"There was progress on all issues, I hope negotiations 'll conclude on Sat", Labour Min says (via )

govt & the Institutions seem to hv achieved some progress on . SocSecMin Katrúgalos says agrmnt may be reachd by Sat

ECB lowers Greek banks’ ELA cap

Unemployment at 24.4 pct in fourth quarter of 2015