Friday, March 4, 2016

Economic News , Data & Views ( March 4 , 2016 ) Overview ( 1. Commodities Continue Recovery From Early / Mid February YTD Lows . 2. Currencies - YTD vs. US Dollar. 3. Global Equities - Couple Of Useful Data Sets. ) Turkey ( 1. Turkey's Shutdown Today's Zaman - Freedom Of Press Once Again Under Siege In Turkey. Despite Turkey Brutal Treatment On Display Regarding Today's Zaman - EU Meeting With Turkey Still Going Forward On March 7th. ) Europe In Focus ( 1. Spain Political Update - PSOE Loses No Confidence Vote. 2. Swiss Unveil Separate Path On Immigration - If No EU Deal Reached. 3. Refugee Crisis / Border Security. )


Crude Oil: Up 38% in the past 15 trading days, largest 3-week gain since Aug '90 price shock (Iraq invaded Kuwait).

Commodities: 1) Gold @ 52-week high 2) Copper/Lumber improving 3) Crude: only down 2% YTD 4) Nat Gas @ 17-yr low

Currencies, YTD vs. US Dollar Higher: Yen, Real, Ruble, Canada/Aussie $, Euro Lower: Argentine/Mexican Peso, Pound

Equities, % below all-time high Italy: 64% Japan: 56% China: 53% France: 36% Brazil: 33% Germany: 21% UK: 13% US: 6%

Global Equities: YTD returns in US Dollars vs. Local Currency...

Turkey ........

Saturday updates directly below

EU more worried about securing a "Deal with the Devil" -than speaking about Turkey demolishing freedom of the press.

Injuries reported after police violently intervene to disperse protesters outside daily

View from the office

Editor-in-Chief fired by trustees after gov't takeover

All internet connections cut down at Zaman building, trustees begin removal of web content


first they came for the kurds but today's zaman just called them terrorists. then they came for zaman ...

Istanbul court to appoint trustees for Zaman, Today's Zaman editorial board -

Court appointed trustee set to take over all Feza Publications media titles, including Zaman, Today's Zaman newspapers and Cihan news agency

Looks like Turkey is the linchpin in "European Consensus" , keep those checkbooks handy..

Next week, I will chair the informal meeting of EU leaders with : .

See UNHCR proposals to stabilize refugee situation before 7 March meeting of EU Heads of State/Gvt & Turkey



This is also the first time a candidate for PM has failed to receive the confidence of the house in post-Franco era.

PSOE's Sánchez addresses 's parl in last bid to win over his candidacy to form coalition govt w Ciudadanos.


Swiss President Schneider-Ammann: If no free movement deal with EU, parliament will vote on whether to unilaterally introduce annual quotas

Refugee Crisis / Border Security ......

ISIS / Al Qaeda recruiting material is being generated every day In Europe.....

policy focus of Seehofer, Orban meeting

Fortress Europe: By closing its borders in the refugee crisis, Europe is risking its very future, warns.

Huge money being made off people's misery and desperation misery ...about 6 billion.

UN chief assures Lebanon it has final say over refugee settlement

Always informative......

Bavarian Governor Seehofer to : "Germany a beneficiary of Balkan Route closure." (In new issue, not from interview on our site.

Slovak PM set for election win with anti-migrant rhetoric

Why refugees crisis could hurt Merkel in state elections

Entire EU could crumble if we can’t help Greece cope with migrant influx, says Sweden’s PM

's border controls extended by another month

Anti-immigrant AfD party projected to get 19% of the votes in the federal state of Saxony-Anhalt

"The issue of immigration will occupy us for the next 15 years." Horst Seehofer's interview with :

Of the approx. 200,000 foreigners scheduled to be deported in Germany, almost 150,000 will be allowed to stay.