Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Economic News , Data & Views ( March 9 , 2016 ) Overview ( 1. S&P 500 Data - Q4 Sales , S&P Operating Earnings and Y over Y Earnings. 2.Global Equities 200 Day MA & YTD Data. 3.Draghi Watch - Big ECB Meeting On Monetary Policy Set For Thursday. 4. Brazil's Lula Charged With Money Laundering. 5.China Items For Today. ) Europe In Focus ( 1. Poland Constitutional Court Conflict Updates. 2. Refugee Crisis . 3. Brexit. 4. Spain - Budge Deficit Blues , Rajoy Hasn't Done His Homework Over Past 4 Years - Says EC ! )

Overview .....

S&P 500 Q4 sales growth by sector. Health Care/Consumer Discretionary leading, Materials/Utilities/Energy lagging.

With 98% of companies reported, S&P 500 sales down 3% year-over-year, the 4th consecutive YoY decline.

S&P Operating Earnings down 14% YoY, also declining for a 5th consecutive quarter.

With 98% of companies reported, S&P 500 earnings down 18% year-over-year, the 5th consecutive YoY decline.

Update: 35% of countries are above their 200-day MA & pos YTD. Very diff picture than Jan 20. Brazil: -13% to +12%.

Good morning from Berlin on decision day. Asia stock mkts mixed as Draghi has demonstrated capacity to surprise

's Draghi sets out to convince sceptics he has the right ammunition.

drops ahead of tomorrows meeting as investors expect a dovish surprise.

Former Brazilian president Lula charged in connection to money laundering:


3-mth SHIBOR 2.804%, lowest level since 2006/11/30 !! Debt, more debts with lower costs!!

Feb CPI +2.3% highest since 2014 July Feb PPI -4.9% , 48 consecutive months decline Vegetable +30.6%, Pork +25.4% !!

Chart (Nomura): China exports by destination -

China's powerhouses- $1 trillion GDP of Guangdong, Jiangsu and now Shandong among world's biggest emerging economies


"Output Freeze A Joke", China Demand To Fall, And Other News That Should Be Moving Oil

Chinese ships keep close watch on U.S. Navy aircraft carrier strike group in S. China Sea

Europe ....... Top Items For today

( Many more items at twitter T.L )

Polish govt refuses to publish decisions of Constitutional Court; activists projected them onto cabinet office wall

The Western Balkans route has come to an end due to unilateral actions by certain countries. EU has no future if it goes on like that. (1/2)

We expect D. Tusk, president of EU28 to focus efforts on implementing our common decisions and not encourage those who ignore them. (2/2)

tonight: mud, rain, more than 12000 people and a closed border.

The EU-Turkey migration deal risks returning Europe to the ethical nadir of the 1930s. My piece today

": Upcoming state elections a litmus test for Merkel's refugee policies " Something to track this weekend.

Govt to handout fliers in Idomeni, urging migrants to move to shelters, public order chief Toskas tells state TV

Austria's Vice Chancellor met today with Merkel re: . No results. Meanwhile Hungary declares state of emergency.

has closed its borders entirely, so has while has mobilised 10,000 troops to repel . This is real.

FOCUS - Germany's anti-immigration AfD party boosted by migrant crisis

Merkel faces drubbing as German populists eye poll surge

New migration deal with Turkey meets with criticism in European Parliament

Looks like Merkel plan for migration /refugees has been scuppered by various concerned countries.

"completely closes border to illegal migrants: police official via

Interior Minister says 408 now stuck at Slavonski Brod camp will be returned to

Merkel made the deal behind the backs her closest allies-including French President Hollande and EUC President Tusk

ConHome poll of Conservative Party members 58% Definitely LEAVE 17% Definitely REMAIN 13% Leaning to LEAVE 9% Leaning to REMAIN 09.03.16

EU referendum poll: Remain: 40% (-1) Leave: 41% (-) (via ICM / 04 - 06 Mar)

estimates that if does not take effective action to deal with crisis As many as 1.5 million could enter EU in 2016

BCC's John Longworth explains why he quit in + that PM is talking down UK economy


Structurally, Rajoy has not done his homework over the last four years, says EC:

European Commission says Spain's distance from its EDP deficit target is set to increase in 2016, to 0.8% spread, not decrease.

Spain deficit 4.8% in 2015, says Brussels, vs. agreed target of 4.2%.