Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Economic News , Data & Views ( March 8 , 2016 ) Overview ( 1. Crude Oil Related Items For Today. 2. JGB Keeps Collapsing - New Record Lows for JGB Complex. 3.China Items Of Note. 4. ECB- Draghi Watch Begins ) Europe In Focus ( 1. EU-Turkey Talks - The Morning After Reactions & News. 2. Greece Items Of The Day - Refugee Related News , Troika Items , Greece Told To Reclaim State Aid To Farmers. 3. Daily Brexit Items.)


Gundlach on an oil rally: "are you kidding me with these inventories"

Jeff Gundlach:Unless oil rallies another $10 a barrel or more, "a lot of companies are going to go under, which will kill the banking system

The Oil Short Squeeze Explained: Why Banks Are Aggressively Propping Up Energy Stocks

's trade data shows strong desire to flee out of renminbi as over-invoicing for imports grown exponentially.

"In The Last Seven Years, China Accounted For 40% Of All Global Debt Creation"

Swiss, Swedish Central Banks seen responding to any measures.


EU- Turkey Talks - The Morning After

Poseidon Adventure "Party "  Felt Appropriate For Monday's Festive Event - Just Waiting For the EU-Turkey To Flip Upside down By Next Week.......

PM Cerar declares Balkan Route closed. Greece left holding the bag.

Despite Merkel's opposition , Balkan Route shutting down.

Dissent within Germany becoming vocal toward elements of the Merkel led plan.

Belgian governing party not so pleased with Merkel's "Turkish Delight "

And after Tusk's barnstorming tour to put together one plan- Merkel whips out a different deal , and he's sidelined.

informed that its neighbour would make the move along with remaining Schengen area countries: state media

As a result Serbia will impose reciprocal measures to avoid becoming a migrant collection centre, said state TV citing the interior ministry

interior ministry has confirmed that from midnight it will only accept those seeking asylum in the country, with some exceptions

Currently there are 34,183 would-be migrants in Greece, including 6,835 on its islands, and 8,341 in the Attica region around the capital

Visa lib for Turkey into Schengen Area not done deal: even Merkel's sister party massively against the idea.

About EU resettling refugees w/i the EU - only 600 resettled to date.


Greece and Turkey build on plan for return of refugees

Battle of OLP control continues, but sell-off clears another hurdle

Bailout review restarts on Wednesday

GSEE to hold anti-reform rally in central Athens

Greece can provide shelter for 70,000, says Mouzalas

UN chief worried by ‘growing anti-migrant and anti-refugee rhetoric’

Schauble restates ( again ) his view that there is no need to discuss debt relief for Greece. Service ball to IMF.

Migrants stuck in Greek makeshift camp vow to stay put

UN refugee chief ‘deeply concerned’ by EU-Turkey deal

Sale of 67 pct stake in Piraeus Port Authority approved

European court rules Greece must reclaim 425 mln euros in state aid to farmers

Daily Brexit.......

Bank of England warns Brexit could hit the country's $2.9 trillion economy:

Hopefully the first of many NI business figures to come out for Brexit.

Oxford Economics new assessment of initial shock of Brexit: sharp 15% sterling depreciation, 1.3%pt hit to GDP level