Thursday, March 3, 2016

Economic News , Data & Views ( March 3 , 2016 ) Overview ( 1. Commodities In Focus - Gold Leads Commodities With a 19% YTD Return , Natural Gas Hits New 17 Year Low. 2.Global Bonds - 2 Year Yields In Focus. 3. Brazil's Economy In Freefall And Corruption Endemic. ) Europe In Focus ( 1. UK- Referendum Items. 2. Refugee Situation / Border Security. 3. Greece Items Of Note.) MENA Updates ( 1. Ceasefire Largely Holding , Some Items Of Note. 2. Libya - Just Trying To Figure Out Peace Talks Status - A Day's Work. )


Commodities: 1) Gold leading YTD: +19% 2) Good to see Lumber/Copper improving 3) Nat Gas: new 17-year low today

New all-time 2-year yield lows today in... Germany Netherlands Austria Belgium Market continues to front run the ECB


Brazil's top court authorizes trial for Congress speaker over corruption charges

Brazilian Justice Minister plans to resign amid anti-corruption probes, said Feb. 29.

in free fall. BUT Economy shrinks less than forecast in 4Q.

| Q4 GDP Q/Q: -1.4% V -1.6%E; Y/Y: -5.9% V -6.0%E

Europe In Focus ......

Brexit / Uk Referendum.......

More threats and fear-mongering..

Now the Dutch want to use " UK Emergency Brake " ....

Refugee Situations - Not Just Europe  / Border Security......

Something to consider. If accurate , the dirty war is dirtier than thought.

Turkish PM: Turkey and Greece can't deal with refugee burden alone

reiterates 's position that the refugee & the economic crises are not to be linked for . (via )

setting up camps for the displaced on the border with in anticipation of Western air strikes

Germany rejects Austria’s suggestion that Germany set a daily quota to bring refugees from Greece to Germany.


Mar 7 agenda on .

Tusk warns economic migrants, voices solidarity with Greece

MENA Watch......


HNC chief negotiator has issued 7 demands that will lead Friday protests across tomorrow:

PT: ’s opposition demands: 1) Remove regime 2) End all sieges 3) Provide adequate humanitarian aid 4) Release all detainees

PTs: 5) Expel all Iranian & Shia sectarian militias 6) Allow return of refugees & IDPs, reversing demographic shifts 7) withdrawal.

Syrian opposition casts doubt on UN peace talk plan via . March 9th described as "hypothetical " date.

Crowds condemn deadly rebel infighting, sniping that has killed 60 residents in 3 months.


Libya:MP tells he couldn't have endorsed the GNA,he's in hospital in Tunisia following a car accident

Other MPs have been reported to deny signing the GNA endorsement claims, as they were out of town.

What's a "Grand Shura"? Cc.

Salvation Government responds to Kobler’s statement at the UNSC

AFP reporting military intervention forces ready to tackle IS Libya but waiting for unity government deal.

Wahda & Sahara banks in deny cash withdrawals for former residents, other banks set 500 Dinar limit

member claims his signature was forged in list of 100 members supporting .

- State Council prevented from meeting in and told to convene elsewhere.

- after meeting for first time in , 2nd State Council's meeting in was disrupted & told not to convene in .

Talal al-Maihub: We don't oppose the [Unity] Government but the Presidency Council after they exposed themselves in front of HoR

Talal al-Maihub: This Presidency Council will not move Libya forward but disrupt the political and economic life in the country