Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Economic News , Data & Views ( March 2 , 2016 ) Overview ( 1.Oil Decline In Perspective. 2. Global Equities - YTD. 3 ECB - Policy In Tatters. ) Europe In Focus ( 1. Refugee Situation / Border Security. 2. German News Of Note. 3. Spanish Political Updates. 4. Greece - Around The Horn. ) Odds & Ends ( 1. UN Imposes Sanction On North Korea - A Provocation Directed To South Korea , Japan Or China Coming Soon . 2. Libya Unity Go'vt Still Eludes UN. 3. Trump Rolling Along In GOP Presidential Nomination Race. 4. Jordan Thwarts ISIS Attack.5. BOE Chimes In On Cash Elimination to Facilitate Deeply Negative Rates )


Largest Crude Oil Declines in History 11-16: -77% 08-09: -76% 85-86: -66% 90-94: -66% 96-98: -59% 00-01: -54%

Positive YTD Argentina Colombia Turkey Thailand Indonesia Russia Mexico Taiwan Brazil Malaysia All Emerging Markets

strategy in tatters as inflation expectations keep falling despite recovery in risky assets & oil stabilization

fails to push money into the real econ. Excess liquidity rises to 3.5y high in tandem w/ amount of QE programme


Refugee Crisis / Border Security ......

Due to a lack of tents, refugees have to sleep on the ground, covered in... via .

Only 170 refugees were allowed to cross the Macedonian border out of a total of 10,000

Relations between Vienna and Berlin have hit a new low over the migration crisis .....


Digging into Dieselgate: parliament looks into emissions cheating

Glyphosate weed killer found in German beers, study finds

March 13th Regional Elections will give insight as to German mood generally and CDU & CSU more specifically.

Sultan showing Germany who is charge , ahead of March 7th Refugee Summit between EU & Turkey.

Slow walking the process...


- Significance of today's confidence vote is we now have a hard deadline: re-run elections if no new PM can be voted in by May 2.

BREAKING Socialist Party's prime ministerial hopeful Pedro Sánchez loses first vote in Congress

Inevitable .....

SÁNCHEZ VOTE: Pablo Iglesias announces Podemos will vote 'no' to Pedro Sánchez as PM


Greece acknowledges it is no longer a transit country for migrants

EU, US unhappy with Greek-Italian pipeline

Bad loans to grow further this year

ESM chief optimistic over next Greek aid tranche

Tsakalotos warns of bailout failure risks

PM Fico: "Mr. Tsipras, if you don't do what you've pledged re: borders, there's going to be 1 and only 1 hotspot, named ."

PM Fico: "And it is you who'll will be responsible, as you've done nothing until now in the borders between and ."

GSEE plans protest, threatens two-day strike

It begins.

Business ponders ‘horrific’ cost of end to borderless Europe

Eurozone, IMF split over how much Greece needs to reform

Kotzias says Greek veto not likely at EU summit

Odds & Ends......

BREAKING: fires short-range missiles into

Didn't have to wait very long. Should expect more provocations....

UN imposes 'unprecedented' sanctions on North Korea

UN envoy criticises groups in both Libya's 2 parliaments.

- aim of HoR delegation's visit to is not to find a deal with , but destroy any chance for the current Prez Council.

UNSMIL budget:$41+ million spent to date & counting. SRSG asks for more time, money for an elusive unity deal

Trump still at 112% of what he needs to be "on track" for 1,237, but Cruz has overtaken Rubio for 2nd, 58% to 48%:

With the last few results still trickling in, what can tonight teach us about upcoming contests?… A look ahead .

Jordanian security forces arrest at least 30 terrorists

said "an plan was interrupted to destabilise the Kingdom", following Irbid unrests last night.

GID says Irbid raid targeted Daesh – affiliated terrorists | Jordan Times

Another one of these cash elimination comments from left field.....this time from Bank of England.