Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Economic News , Data & Views ( March 22 , 2016 ) Overview ( 1. Europe Banks In Focus - Credit Suisse And Deutsche Bank - Struggles With NIRP , Slumping Commodities and EMs Hitting Both Banks Hardest. 2. Global Stocks Erase Most Losses In Aftermath Of Brussels Attacks. 3. Subdued Pace Of US Manufacturing Growth Persists.Flash US PMI At 51.4 (Feb: 51.3) 4. Eurozone Growth Turns Higher For First Time In 3 months As PMI Rises To 53.7 (53.0 in Feb) 5. Nikkei Flash Japan Manufacturing PMI drops to 49.1 in March (50.1 in Feb). First Below-50 Reading Since April 2015. ) Europe In Focus ( 1. Brussels Attacks - Most Recent News. 2. Ukraine Set To Snub IMF & US On Selection For Next PM - As In Not Jaresko. 3. National Bank Of Hungary Unexpectedly Cuts Rates . 4. Refugee Crisis & Greece Items De Jour. )


Asia News - March 23rd.....

Beijing Existing Home Sales YTD 56,557 units, +103% YoY.

Bank Of Japan Unleashes Yield Curve Chaos: JGBs Inverted At Short- And Long-End

Who possibly could have seen this coming? In, say, 2011?

Mystery Man Behind $100 Million Central Bank Heist Revealed As Bangladesh Moves To Sue Fed

From Earlier......

Credit Suisse said to deepen cuts to investment bank as only Deutsche is in worse position.

Mad world: Global stocks erase most losses in aftermath of attacks. Germany's Dax ended even higher.

Subdued pace of US manufacturing growth persists. Markit Flash US at 51.4 (Feb: 51.3)

growth turns higher for first time in 3 months as rises to 53.7 (53.0 in Feb)

Nikkei Flash Manufacturing drops to 49.1 in March (50.1 in Feb). First below-50 reading since April 2015

Europe In Focus.......

Brussels Attack .......

Following , Netherlands' presidency calls for extraordinary Council mtng as early as Thurs

Nail Bomb, Chemicals, ISIS Flag Found As Manhunt Underway For Brussels Bombing Suspect

Taxi driver who took suspected attackers to airport tipped off the police

A map showing the main Islamist attacks in the world since January 1, 2015

: terrorists were angry at taxi driver for providing car which could only take 3 "bomb bags", not 5

Who are these suspects? reports now on .

"We Ain't Seen Nothing Yet," Dutch Party Leader Rages: "We Need To De-Islamize The West"

Brussels left paralyzed following day of deadly terrorist attacks

Hero airport worker describes how he pulled seven victims to safety in

Here's what we know about the . Live updates here:

Looks like Brussels attacks of today linked to Salah.

These are tasteful , "non - graphic" photos showing the extent of damage at the Airport.

Keep in mind that this happen, on much larger scale, in every single day.


Ukraine ......

Might Poroshenko thumb his nose at the IMF ?


National Bank of Hungary unexpectedly cut rates while shifting the corridor, including key rate at 1.20% and o/n deposit rate at -0.05%.

Refugee Crisis & Greece.....

UNHCR suspends some of its activities at Greek hotspots, which it now considers to be detention facilities

distribution of 52,207 and migrants in by site.

Athens metro workers to strike over security

2 in set themselves on fire. Protest against their desperate Situation. Ambulance took them now.

govt spox says heads of institutions have left Greece, technical teams continue work

EU-Turkey Deal (w/ both sides playing along) like Soviet Union joke "They pretend to pay us & we pretend to work.”