Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Economic News , Data & Views ( March 15 , 2016 ) Overview ( 1. Foreign Gov's Sell Treasuries At Record Pace in January 2016 .2. Ukraine Financial Distress - 60 % Discount For State Assets , Can't Find Bidders. 3. Brazil Political Turmoil Weighs On Real & Stocks . 4. Soldiers Favor Trump In 2016 , Tired Of Endless War Policies , Additional US Political Nuggets . 5. Putin Shows Exquisite Timing With Announcement Of Partial Russian Military Withdrawal From Syria. 6. BOJ Theorizes Interest Rates Could Fall To Minus 0.5 % ) Europe In Focus ( 1. Greece Items Of Note - Domestic & International Politics , Bailout Talks , Economic Items. 2.Refugee/ Migration Situation . EU-Turkey Key Talks On 3/17-3/18 . )

Superior Tuesday - US Primary Results......

Kasich, Clinton Take Ohio; Trump, Hillary Win Big In Florida, Rubio Drops Out - Live Feed

JUST IN: News projects Donald Trump will win Illinois Republican primary.

Trump way up due to Cook County in IL

So NC R (uncalled), MO & IL both uncalled. FL Clinton and Trump OH Clinton and Kasich

Margin in NC: Trump 7.6% Margin in MO: Trump 9.9% With little in on the latter

Clinton has also won the NC primary.


Foreign govts sell treasuries at record pace in january.

Ukraine fire sale: 60% discount for state assets - currency down 5.6% -

Brazil currency, stocks slip as doubts follow protests

Whoa !!!

Military Times poll of troops: Trump 27% Sanders 22% Cruz 17% Clinton 11% Rubio 9% Kasich 8%

Rubio has lost that early lead among voters , in the past week -as per "Hot Air." Very interesting observations.

Updated GOP delegate count Trump - 473 Cruz - 371 Rubio - 166 Kasich - 63 Uncommitted - 26

Millennial Rep voters: Trump 26% Rubio 18 Cruz 14 Kasich 6

Kerry: I will travel next week to Moscow to meet President Putin, FM lavrov to discuss how to take advantage of the moment

De Mistura says does feel these talks are different. What has changed, Countries engaged. Russians and americans part of common ops center.





New meeting between Econ Min and mission chiefs on NPLs on Thu (via )

Half of Greeks are in debt to the tax authorities

Greece is part of NATO.Seems odd they entered this agreement with China.

Piraeus Bank becomes Greece's biggest in terms of assets

Scheduled meetings of w/ Mins on Wed: 1.30pm-Fiscal 6.30pm-Education 7.30pm-Pension reform (via )

EU-Turkey Talks On Migration - 3/17 & 3/18....

Yeah , bet that Catalogue of Demands came in binder ready for Tusk to take back to Merkel.

For some reason , I don't think that will go over well.

A look at the EU Commission's proposed concessions to Turkey , for the Summit with Turkey set for March 17-18th.

Cyprus still vetoes EU-Turkey deal Ball in Turkey's court.

Tusk: EU-Turkey plan needs to be rebalanced Draft Outline for Plan for a Deal - very much a work in progress.

Athens and Skopje in blame game over refugees

View shows Al Zaatari refugee camp in Mafraq, Jordan, near border with , March 7

Refugees say they were beaten in FYROM

For everyone interested in the issues touching on the global migration / refugee situation , a great read.

Greek PM makes fresh appeal to migrants to opt for organized camps

FYROM ‘dumping’ migrants back in Greece, sources on border say

Syria, five years on. 330,000 killed 7 million internally displaced 5 million refugees 13.5 million need assistance

They’ve been through hell, but still have hope. What Syrian refugees want you to know:

Nearly 500 refugees have died while making the perilous journey to Europe so far this year

I explained to that it is unacceptable to shift the burden of responsibility for the on