Thursday, March 24, 2016

Economic News , Data & Views ( March 24 , 2016 ) Overview ( 1. General Overview On Commodities - While Still Way Below All-Time Highs For All Listed Commodities , 2016 YTD Returns Have Been Solid For Most Metals , Energy "Sans" Natural Gas . 2. Oil News Of The Day. 3. Russia Related Items Of Note. 4. 2 Year Bond - Nominal & Real Rates.) Europe In Focus ( 1. Greece News De Jour . 2. Refugee Crisis News For Thursday. 3. Brussels Attacks - Items For Today. )


Asia Update 3/25/16 .......

China is getting serious about kicking its coal addiction. reports


From earlier......

Commodities: Lumber is now outperforming Gold on the year. Tends to be pos for stocks.

US Oil & Gas industry activity declined to record post-1949 low of 464 as credit conditions & cash shortages dampen.

US explorers return to parking Rigs as inventories build.

UBS says to fall back to $30/bbl in 2Q as recent rally built on weak fundamentals. oil mkts remain oversupplied

seeks $683,333 a day interest in bond lawsuit.

's FX, reserves up $5.8bn to $386.9bn in week to Mar18 w/ CBR citing positive valuation changes.

Global 2-Year Yields, Nominal and Real...

Europe In Focus .....


Gov't dilemma: Pension cuts or tax increases?

Obstacles hamper Iran oil exports to Europe

Tender for TV licenses to be unveiled next month

IMF accused of “ideological obsessions and inaccuracies” , delaying the completion of the bailout review...

There are already 20,475 refugees in temporary centers around the country which are only supposed to hold 26,300 ..

Refugee Crisis.......

Humanitarian crisis growing in Athens port, charity warns | World news via

48,975 stuck in - here's the map with the camps and the numbers for 24.03.2016

The new fencing will be erected at passes & in settlements, tourist spots & areas where swollen rivers could threaten these obstacles

State media says panels of garden fencing will go up instead on the section of the frontier along the Dragonja river

Soldiers in begin removing anti- razor-wire on border to replace with 'friendlier' fence

Greece pledges to provide shelters for 50,000 refugees within 20 days

Turkey ‘safe country’ sham revealed as dozens of Afghans forcibly returned hours after EU refugee deal

Brussels Attacks......

As part of investigation, federal prosecutors say 6 arrested in raids tonite. No names or other info disclosed.

Night raid targeting an apartment building in also conducted

Interior Minister says five suspects have been arrested during anti-terror operations in Schaerbeek in .

BREAKING: Police raid ongoing near after terror plot 'foiled' in - minister

's governement rocked by security failure admission -

: Six arrests tonight overall. 2 in Jette, 1 in Brussels & 3 in front of federal prosecutor's building

5,000 ISIS jihadists at large in the , says Europol head

Sources tell Brussels attack was planned for day after Easter, but was moved up after Abdeslam arrest

Brussels airport says to stay closed to passengers until at least Sunday

I think this transfer scheme is going to fall apart at the seams , regardless of what Poland does or doesn't do.

interior minister offers resignation, PM refuses.

Unclear if Belgian & Dutch govts were warned by Turkey that a repatriated Brussels terrorist was indeed a terrorist

Salah Abdeslam has stopped cooperating with investigators since Brussels attacks:

Minister says Belgium was aware Brussels bomber was deported by Turkey