Sunday, February 14, 2016

Economic News & Views ( February 14 , 2016 ) Europe In Focus ( 1. Ukraine - Russia Items Of Note. 2. Greece In Focus - Refugee Related Matters , Troika Tussles. 3. Refugee/ Border Security - Broader Europe. 4. Spain Political News. 5. Brexit Items. 6. Sweden In Focus Refugee Crisis New , Sacked Swedbank Former CEO And Whistleblower Fights For His Reputation. 7. Monetary Policy For UK- A Rethink In Order. 8. Europe Banks In Trouble Once Again .)


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Russia suspends traffic of Ukrainian trucks in response to Ukraine’s actions

Ukraine’s state-owned enterprises show the crooked relations between business and government

Three Britons held in Greece over 'huge haul of illegal guns and weapon cartridges'

Greek riot police fire tear gas at crowds protesting against new migrant 'hotspot' on…

Tsipras chides EU, IMF for reform assessment delay

Kathimerini ExecEditor Papahelas talks abt a nasty, but not impossible scenario for Greece.

Dutch minister to EU members: Don't shut borders to migrants

Iran exports first oil shipment to Europe since nuclear deal

AGUIRRE RESIGNS: Podemos, Ciudadanos and United Left all claim her political scalp.

AGUIRRE RESIGNS: "I assume my political responsibility for the corruption cases"

. Truly is a case of the people of the UK versus the establishment. From UK Unleashed blog.

Germany Threatens Trade War As Consequence For

Brexit would see Europe 'lurch very much in the wrong direction', Philip Hammond warns

Brexit could risk tourists' safety and push up flight prices, say top travel figures

'PROJECT PANIC': Pro-EU campaigners' secret weapon for preventing Brexit by

Possibly the most important development in the Brexit argument in the last week. Pro-EU side give up Calais argument

Please God no! The summit this week may outrun the one, according to

lol; makes no sense whatsoever. Nothing can benefit the whole; that's the fundamental problem!

Man arrested for murder at Swedish asylum centre, in latest crime linked to new arrivals.

"I myself am the whistleblower," claims sacked Swedbank chief as he fights for reputation.

The EU is finished if it doesn't allow Italy to fix its banks

Opinion: BoE must think again on systemic risk

Youth unemployment Greece: 48% Spain: 47.7% Italy: 40% Cyprus: 32.5% Portugal: 32% France: 24.7% UK: 13.7% Netherlands: 11.6% Germany: 7.1%

We hope EU Member States will implement relocation process for 160k people in Greece + Italy