Monday, February 15, 2016

Economic News & Views ( February 15 , 2016 - President's Day Edition ) MENA ( 1. Recent as well as updated items touching on Syria War - further complicated by Turkish shelling over the weekend , plus looming Saudi involvement. 2. Libya political updates - looks like Cabinet has been agreed ( not without controversy ) , now we shall see whether Tripoli and Tobruk Gov'ts approve of the Unity Gov't on the table . 3. Odds & Ends ) Europe In Focus ( 1. Sovereign bond bail-in plan roiling waters. 2 Greece in focus - protests , political developments of the day. 3. Refugee/ Border Security items of note. 4. Spanish political updates. 5. Brexit Items. 6.Germany in focus - Bundesbank sees inflation at 0.25 % vs 1.1 % previously , DB has further troubles looming. 7. Italian Banks item. 8. Draghi comments.. 9. Odds& Ends )

MENA News Of The Day......

Iraq PM offers cash-strapped Kurds salaries for oil

Syria's Assad says proposed ceasefire "difficult"

Breaking liberate KAFIR NASIH, negotiations still on going to hand over Mare

No Saudi Arabian aircrafts yet in Turkey, 4 F-16s to come, says Turkish minister

Both Russia & Iran threaten retal agnst Saudi, Turk invasion or airstrikes w/out prior coord

BREAKING - German Chancellor Merkel: I support no-fly zone in Northern Syria

control Kfarnaya, in Norther and attacking to close the circle around Tel-Rifaat where r inside d city.

bombing in Atma and in support of and its allies in northern .

Turkey believes it can maintain control of its involvement in Syria without things spiraling out of control.....

BBC News- New cabinet proposed to replace dual governments. Details & Analysis here--->

Looks like recognised parliament (Tobruk) will vote today on unity govt. Key issues cabinet composition and article 8 (security)

12hrs into latest cabinet proposal: 2 members of Presidency Council criticising it & 1 Minister nominee withdraws via

Europe ......

Mario Draghi Says The ECB's QE Is Working: This Chart Says Otherwise via

German 'bail-in' plan for government bonds risks blowing up the euro

EU Government Officials Will Meet With Turkey’s Prime Minister Prior to Start of EU Summit

EU Unblocks 12.7 Mln Euros to Help Greece Set Up Accommodation Places for Refugees and Migrants

Dockers strike in Athens and Thessaloniki

Athens lawyers, notaries extend walkout through Feb 22

Protesting farmers to submit proposals to government

How angry French farmers have reacted to the huge drop in milk and pork prices

drops on dovish 's Draghi.

's Draghi: European banks ‘very different’ to 2012

Here's why and BOJ can't copy Danish negative rate success.

Cologne: Only three out of 58 men arrested in connection with mass sex attack on New Year's Eve are refugees

Sánchez has just 16-19 days to do a coalition deal, present it to PSOE members, organise a ballot and win the vote.

Only 11 weeks after the general election…

BREAKING Session to try to invest Spanish PM will be on March 2, congressional speaker announces. Story to follow

Hungary, Poland, Slovakia and the Czech Republic - are set to discuss border protection and the refugee crisis

French PM: We’re not in favour of permanent refugee quotas and won’t be taking more refugees

Attorney General could back Brexit as ministers demand snap Cabinet meeting following EU deal

staff in the dock over carbon trading fraud scheme


's infamous 'jewellery law' has brought in no money

Woah. Italian treasury and ECB in talks over buying bad Italian bank loans as part of QE. Italian NPLs €200bn